7 Nostalgic Moments from College Life

Image Credit: http://www.forbes.com

Image Credit: http://www.forbes.com

College life is potentially one of the greatest highlights of our lifetime. From the 1st day we step into college till graduation, it’s a period of discovery, exploration and character-building. Whilst we may have left college life a while back, but often, life throws us into situations that rekindles memories of our college days. 

 1) Pulling All-Nighters

Ask any college students and pulling all-nighters is as common to them as working adults having their morning coffee. Once we leave college, the all-nighters become less frequent, unless you are crunching numbers or preparing that slick powerpoint presentation for tomorrow’s big meeting.


2) Partying Like You Are 21

It used to be great that as a 21-year old student, we could party on weekdays, have 4 hours of sleep and still be focus during lectures. However, once we are working adults, we don’t have such luxury and the one moment that we do try to tempt fate, we end up like the walking dead at office the next morning.


3) Going Back Home For The Weekend

Some of us may have gone to college that is not in our hometown and hence, during the weekend and semester breaks we travel back tour hometown. For those who are currently working outside of their hometown, the weekend road trip back home stirs up some flashbacks of our college life.


4) Cafeteria Food

Cafeteria food is a staple diet in every college kid as it is light on the wallet. For those working adults, eating at the office cafeteria is rare, but it’s worth the lunch trip to the cafeteria just to re-live the nostalgic moments of college life.

Image Credit: http://www.cbc.ca

Image Credit: http://www.cbc.ca


5) Theme-Based Parties

Theme-based parties are a feature of college life. From themes such as Grease to High School to Superheroes, it is a must-have experience in college life. Once we leave college, we may not be active in the party scene until your company decides to have its annual dinner party with the theme “College Days”.

Image Credit: http://123cheese.my

Image Credit: http://123cheese.my


6) The First Fight

No, not physical fight. The first fight can refer to the first fight you experience as a couple, or the first fight or quarrel you have with your college roommate. In the working world, you may also have a “First Fight” such as deciding on the lunch venue with your new office buddy.

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7) Wingman

For those of us who are more reserve in nature, having a wingman to help you out with the ladies is crucial in having a healthy social life in college. For those who are still single, you may be using your “wingman” helpline even after you leave college.

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