How Malaysians Interpret These Signals On The Road

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If you are new to our roads, watch out for these signs. Because in Malaysia, they might imply a different meaning. Here are some signs on the road only Malaysians will know what they 'really' mean. 

1) Headlight Flashing From Opposite Direction

Warning because there is a police or speed trap ahead.

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2) Headlight Flashing From the Car behind

Get out of my @#$@ way!


3) Car Tailgating

Move! You slow turtle.

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4) Yellow Light

Speed up!


5) No U Turn

No problem for U Turn.


6) Right or Left Signal

Don't let him in

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7) Car Honking

“Do you know how to drive (or not)?”

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8) Double Signal

Slow down because it's raining cats and dogs! 

What are the other signals only Malaysians will understand?

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Posted on May 22, 2016 and filed under Just For Fun.