6 Unique Reasons to Manage Your Careers Like Footballers

A simple Google search on managing your career will generate millions of results. Many of those will be targeted to either fresh graduates or those who are contemplating a career switch. Ever wondered why footballers are not too concerned about managing their careers? Ever wondered why players who flop at one club can easily succeed at another club and their new employer are not too concern about their latest “failure”? Let us take a look at 6 unique ways footballers manage their careers and why we should incorporate some of these insights into our own career management strategy.

1) Pitching Skills Instead of Tenure

With the perception that Gen-Ys are serial job hoppers, most employers will look at your tenure at each employer rather than the skills you have developed. Whereas for footballers, their employers value them for their skills rather than the years they spent with their past employers. Well-known players such as Nicolas Anelka, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mario Balotelli are considered “journeymen” in their football careers as they tend to change employers every couple of years. So fret not, the next time you consider switching employers, sell your skills rather than tenure with your past employer.


2) Demand and Supply Theory

Footballers, unlike normal employees have perfected the game of supply and demand. They (or their Agents) regularly keep abreast of the demands required by the clubs in the market and if they are looking for a transfer, they will approach the new club seeking an employment opportunity. How many of us can claim to do the same? How many of us know which companies are looking at what type of skills set? By keeping abreast of what skills are in demand in the market, we can supply those skills to the right employers.

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3) Ability to Rejoin Former Employers

Rejoining ex-employers are a big “no-no” for employees. If you have resigned from your current employer, very few actually re-join them back years down the road. Main reason is the ex-employer will have a negative impression of you. However, footballers are open to these kind of moves. To them, they see it as offering a particular service to the employer rather than seeing it as a bad PR move.


4) Ability to Accept an “Offer” Despite Rejecting It

Two seasons ago, Angel Di Maria rejected PSG and joined Manchester United. However, for various reasons, the move didn’t quite work out and the following season, Di Maria joined PSG, the club he rejected a year ago. Not many of us dare pull off such a move. Occasionally, we might have made a mistake selecting the wrong option but are ashamed to “right the wrong”. However, looking at it from a business point of view, there is nothing wrong in accepting an offer you once rejected. This is because you have the skills that the employer requires and logically, you are a good fit for the job.


5) Failure Not in The Traditional Sense

Paul Pogba joined Juventus few years ago after failing badly with Manchester United. Today, he is one of the best players and arguably the best midfielder in the world. He didn’t let his failure with Manchester United affect his self-confidence. Similarly, we all have faced such spells in our career. We join an employer and for numerous reasons, we may have failed in living up to expectations. However, we should view that as an insight of what didn’t work and ensure such events do not recur in the future.


6) Paid According to Your Skills

The best football clubs don’t cut corners when attracting talent and will pay what is required to attract talent with the right skills. However, the rest of us are struggling to meet our daily expenses even if we have certain unique skills. After all, if you think you are one of the best in the market, you deserved to be paid accordingly. While this trend may not change in the near future, but we should keep this point in mind and if we reach a senior management post in the future, we can be ones to reverse this trend!

Image Credit: http://vnmanpower.com

Image Credit: http://vnmanpower.com

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