#6YearsWithoutMichaelJackson: Remembering The ‘King of Pop’


25 June 2015 marks the six-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, however, it feels like yesterday. Every anniversary brings a variety of emotions to fans of the late ‘King of Pop’, this year, we have gathered some information about how people around the world pay their tributes to Michael Jackson for his legacy of music and superstardom.

1.  ‘The Perfect Tribute’ by Pentatonix

An a cappella group Pentatonix performed a catchy medley of 25 MJ’s hits in an "Evolution of Michael Jackson" video that has gotten more than 4 million views.

2. One Rose for Michael J. Jackson

While some fans make their pilgrimage to MJ’s Los Angeles grave to pay their tributes, one website is kind enough to host an annual event to accommodate fans from around the world to also pay tributes to their idol through purchase of roses via Paypal and leave messages on a memorial page.


3. "Man in the Mirror" moonwalked his way into the clouds

Photographer John Plashal captured an image in Goochland County, Virginia on 23 June 2015 during a lightning storm. MJ fans said they saw the King of Pop doing his signature dance move in a photo. The image went viral on social media.

Image Credit: John Plashal

Image Credit: John Plashal

4. New memorabilia from Michael Jackson’s 1988 Bad World Tour

Photographer Francis Apesteguy released three photos of Michael Jackson performing in Paris, France, for his Bad World Tour on 27 June 1988 on Getty Images in early June.  It brought back memories for his fans as it was MJ’s longest (17 months) tour in his career.

Image Credit: Francis Apesteguy

Image Credit: Francis Apesteguy

5. New memorabilia from Michael Jackson’s 1970s

Photographer Alix Dejean released nine never-seen photos of Michael Jackson from the 1970s, where the photos captured a subtle, human view of the King of Pop.

Image Credit: Alix Dejean

Image Credit: Alix Dejean

6. Remembering Michael Memories Tour

The official Michael Jackson's United Nation International Fan Club organised a 12-hour annual tours, from 9am to 9pm on 25 June 2015 for fans to share their memories of the singer.

Image Credit: thewowstyle.com

Image Credit: thewowstyle.com

7. Evergreen Idol

Fans of MJ expressed their feelings of love and loss through the social media. MJ will still remain forever in the hearts of those who admired him.

8. Still Very Much Loved by Celebrities

Michael Jackson’s celebrity fans also sent some touching tributes on Twitter to remember the pop icon.

9. #6YearsWithoutMichaelJackson trended on Twitter

On Twitter, #6YearsWithoutMichaelJackson trended worldwide. Netizens flooded the social networking site with messages commemorating the anniversary of MJ’s demise and the hashtag was occupied at the top of the most trending news chart on Twitter.

With these tributes still going strong after six years of his demise, it proves that how the man had changed lives forever in his career. You will forever be missed by all of us, MJ!
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