8 Fun Facts about the Rio 2016 Olympics

Summer tends to bring us memories of sunshine, picnics and perfect weather for sports. However, this year promises to be a memorable summer as the largest sporting event is on show. The 2016 Olympics will be on-show in the month of August and being held in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. Commonly referred to as the Rio Games, it promises to be an exciting month ahead! The Olympic Games start on 5th August and with just days remaining, it is about time to equip ourselves with fun facts on the 31st edition of the Olympic Games!

1) The Host Country

While Brazil hosted the 2014 World Cup, but for the Olympic Games, this is the first time Brazil is hosting it. Not only that, but this is the first time the South American continent is hosting the Olympic Games.

Image Credit: newswire.net

Image Credit: newswire.net


2) Slogan

No sporting events are ever complete without a slogan. The 2016 Olympic Games are no different. The slogan for the 2016 Olympic Games is “Live Your Passion” or “Viva sua paixao” in Portuguese. With a slogan like that, it should be a passionate affair!

Image Credit: http://www.tianxinqi.com

Image Credit: http://www.tianxinqi.com


3) New Sporting Games

2 new sporting games will be introduced in the 2016 Olympic Games. After a 112 year absence, golf will be returning and taking center stage in the 2016 Olympic Games. Rugby Sevens will be making a debut at the Rio Games. 


4) A Cultural Carnival

Brazil is known for its culture. During the 2016 Olympics, a cultural festival, dubbed Celebra, will be on show to promote the Brazilian art and culture. This makes it the perfect timing to visit Brazil to witness the Olympics and get to know the Brazilian culture! 

Image Credit: http://en.olympic.cn

Image Credit: http://en.olympic.cn


5) A New Team

While we are all familiar with athletes representing our respective countries, but the 2016 Olympics will be the first Olympics whereby a new team will be created. Five to ten refugees are expected to qualify and compete under the Olympic flag. These will be a team of refugees who previously were forced to flee their countries will now be competing for Gold medals! A truly inspiring story!

Image Credit: https://www.rio2016.com


6) The Mascot

The mascot for the 2016 Olympics is "Vinicius" a yellow and blue creature representing Brazilian wildlife. Resembling a cat or monkey that can fly and with the power to stretch its limbs and body, the mascot was named after Bossa Nova musician Vinicius de Moraes.


7) The Venues

33 different venues spanning across 4 districts within Rio de Janerio will great millions of visitors during the 2016 Olympics. Barra, Copacabana, Deodoro and Maracana will host the various games, with Barra being the Olympic Park for the athletes.


8) Opening and Closing Ceremony

The opening and closing ceremonies will be held in the Maracanã Stadium located in Rio de Janerio. A fun fact around this Stadium is that although the current capacity is around 78,000, the Stadium was able to squeeze in at least 173,000 fans during the 1950 World Cup final. It was also the same Stadium used for the 2014 World Cup Final!

Image Credit: http://sports.ndtv.com

Image Credit: http://sports.ndtv.com

Get your TV channels ready, your coffee powder well-stocked and load up on the snack food. The Games are about to begin!

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