8 Useful Ways to Maximize a Career Break

Image Credit: www.greatlearning.in

Image Credit: www.greatlearning.in

Career breaks, i.e. a sustain period of time out of employment is an act that not many would take up, primary due to financial reasons. Many people fear to voluntarily take a career break either due to the loss of financial income, difficulty in re-entering the workforce, or simply pure boredom. However, what if career breaks can be useful in the long run? If you are planning on taking a career break or are already on a career break, below are 8 useful ways you can maximize a career break positively!

1) Re-evaluating your Life’s Purpose

At times in life, we go through the daily grind till it becomes “auto-pilot” for us. It becomes second nature to us until we lose sight of what is really important in life and our purpose in life. Hence, a career break is a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate our life’s purpose and strive to lead a purpose-driven life. Start questioning what “fires you up” and stand for the purpose you believe in the most.

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2) Launching a Side Hustle

There may not be a better time to dabble in the world of entrepreneurship than during a career break. Be it starting a full-fledged business or freelancing, launching a side hustle can bring many benefits including some form of financial income. Moreover, if you love the world of entrepreneurship, you may consider going at it for good, rather than re-joining the corporate rat-race.

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3) Back to School

In today’s tough economic climate, universities are actually offering discounts for those who are keen to pursue a Masters or any other academic qualification. This may be the best time to go back to school to pursue a subject you are passionate in and be fully-equipped to re-enter the workforce in a few years’ time. If university is too pricey for you, learning a new language is also beneficial!

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4) Working on Your Bucket List

Skydiving, running with the bulls, launching your own album or swimming with the dolphins. If you have a bucket list that you wish to complete in your life, doing it while on a career break is useful. Besides crossing off items from your bucket list, you will also learn new experiences, discover more about yourself and even conquer your fears!

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5) Volunteer

Have a passion about education, poverty or other social causes? Volunteering in an area you are deeply passionate about will not only increase your future employability, but also make you realize that you (as an individual) can change the world in your own unique way.

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6) Travel to Experience Local Cultures

Travelling is fun, but travelling to experience different cultures is better. Travel expands the horizons of your mind, shows you new ways of solving problems, and allows you to be more adaptable to the people around you. This is the best time to experience the cultures that the world has to offer.

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7) Learning a New Skill

Even considered to learn diving, riding a truck or even learning the art of gardening? If yes, learning a skill outside of your profession is beneficial. With a free schedule and stress-free from your job, it’s about time to go and take up that diving license to experience the finer things in life. After all, it will be great story to tell to your friends and future employers about this.

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8) Re-charge to Develop a New Purpose

Once you are ready to end your career break, you should come out re-charged and more importantly, have greater certainty of your priorities in life. If you have used your career break wisely, you would come out of it a different person who is more adaptable, eager to face challenges, and more importantly, have a greater level of self-confidence.

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Taking a career break, especially in our local culture can be considered taboo and even scary for the individual. However, with the right planning, it can turn into the best decision you have ever made!

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