Is SmartTAG smart?

Image Credit: @jasa_rina Twitter

Image Credit: @jasa_rina Twitter

SmartTAG is about ‘life in the fast lane’ selling the concept that life’s too short to be wasted on queues. So SmartTAG – an infrared device is here to offer a solution, allowing you to breeze through the toll lanes at 4 times the speed of the cash lane, it claims.

While I couldn’t agree more on the fact that it is faster than the cash lane using SmartTAG (it has to be), I’m not sure about the statement which says that it allows one to ‘breeze through the toll lanes’.

Is SmartTAG smart? Personally, not so smart and here’s why.

1) What? Vehicles have to slow down using the SmartTAG lane?

When we have to slowwww down for the sake of our SmartTAG to be detected, I do not see how it will allow us to ‘breeze’ through the toll lanes and help to ease our traffic condition. 



2) Why is there a toll barrier for SmartTAG lane, really?

Ok, I understand why there is a toll barrier for cash lane - to stop people from passing without paying probably, but why SmartTAG lane? Shouldn’t SmartTAG Lanes be seamless and error-free when it comes to detecting SmartTAGs? If so, why is the toll barrier there for? 



3) We have to keep a distance from the car in front of us. But why?

Here’s the contradiction. Isn’t that saying “Be careful as the car ahead of you might not be able to pass thru for whatever reason it may be - failure to detect the SmartTAG perhaps?". So be warned and keep a distance when using SmartTAG.



4) Too many little things to care about when using SmartTAG

It's convenient using Smart Tag - All you need to do when you are approaching any SmartTAG enabled lane is to remember to slow down to 20kmph, make sure that you are not too close to the car in front, check if there's battery in your SmartTAG, check your credit balance, check again and make sure the black part of the Smart Tag is facing the mirror.  

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5) Yet, there are still times when I do not know why my SmartTAG is not detected

Ah! One missing step - I forget to pray! Remember to pray hard so that the detector detects your SmartTAG. Because it might still fail you even though you have done everything to make sure that your SmartTAG is ready. How thrilling. 

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6) At the end of the day, queues are still seen at SmartTAG lanes

Is SmartTAG helping you to breeze through toll lanes? More importantly, is it solving the traffic issues in major cities? You judge.


Is SmartTAG smart? Share with us your views.

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