Malaysia's Top 10 Modern Calligraphers


Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. Calligrapher is the artist who possesses the techniques to execute lettering and design using writing instruments such broad tip instrument, dip pen or brush. Not sure what you can engage a calligrapher for? Calligraphy services include handwritten invitations, envelopes, place cards, certification addressing and many more. Here we present to you 10 homegrown calligraphers who have what it takes to inscribe words with harmony and rhythm. 

1) Zhiling Lim


More than just beautiful handwriting or ornate lettering techniques, Zhiling’s calligraphy touches one’s heart and soul. We can understand why as there’s something magical about Zhiling’s lettering when we browsed thru her profile on Instagram. Described herself as the lover of letter and ink evangelist, Zhiling welcomes bespoke design requests and personal workshops on Calligraphy.

IG: @crayzhi


2) Joanna Chia


Joanna is beyond a calligrapher. While she is introduced as one here, she is also an artist and jewelry crafter. A gifted all-rounder in art for sure, Joanna is sent from god to inspire you with her rhythmic letters and beautiful drawings. Sometimes both combined. Driven by passion for all things pretty, Joanna is the perfect choice for custom made wedding stationery like invitation cards and place cards. 

IG: @quirkybydesign


3) Sarah Lasung


Sarah's lettering is open to order on small scale. That is not without a valid reason as each piece of calligraphy inscribed by her magical hand is unique and personalized. While Calligraphy is one of her latest attempts, she is already showing signs of creative fire. One thing noticeable, she is certainly good at forming beautiful symbols and arranging them well.  

IG: @simplelettering


4) TheMakerJess


Born a graphic designer and photographer, Jesslyn Lai calls herself ‘The Maker Jess’. Inspired by the thirst to explore new things, Jesslyn makes variety of things ranging from gifts, personalized wire name to hand-stamped leather key chains. Not to mention, hand-lettering of course. Driven by the motto to brighten someone’s day, Jesslyn’s calligraphy never fails to showcase optimism and cheerfulness. | IG: @themakerjess | FB: Jesslyn Lai


5) Alcee


Alcee started Calligraphy as a personal interest and hobby. With elements of colours and glitters injected, Alcee's Caligraphy is the closest you can get to hearing music with your eyes. Alcee also runs an online store which provide all kinds of calligraphy supply. Alcee aims to bring calligraphy products from all over the world and supply them to not just Malaysia but South East Asia too. | IG: @alceestore


6) Angelina Kein


Angelina Kein is multi-talented. Besides being a letterer, she is also graphic designer, blogger and photographer. Born in Kuala Lumpur and currently living in Melbourne, her passion for design started as a child. Her passion for design even drove her to produce creative calligraphic wall paper that you can download for free! We personally love how her calligraphy is beautiful yet playful. | IG: @angelkein | FB: AngelKein- Brushlettering and Photography


7) Joy Chong


Joy Chong is not just a lettering fanatic, she is also a make-up artists, foodie and Instagram addict. One can easily feel her enthusiasm for art through her colourful Instagram profile. Joy is also not selfish in sharing her lettering skills as she also conducts calligraphy workshops teaching people the techniques and art of calligraphy. If you have any needs for custom lettering design, Joy Chong is only an email away.

IG: @joychong


8) Sharon Tan


Sharon is the master of freeform hand lettering and calligraphy. She emphasised that calligraphy is something that really takes a lot of practice to achieve consistency in form and stroke. There’s no rules to it – it’s all about personal style. Together with Joy Chong, they are running a few workshops in KL on tools used for copperplate script and drills to train muscle memory.

IG: @ronnycakes


9) Nadia Elias


Nadia called herself a Lettering enthusiast and this fits her pretty well! She’s on a mission of reviving the fading art-form. Through her work, she showcases the art of beautiful handwriting with her set of calligraphy fountain pens.

IG: @wanadoos


10) Inez Tan


This calligrapher has revived the long lost art of calligraphy. Together with her friend, Jil Sta. Ana, Inez runs their own workshops, namely KLigraphy, to share their love for calligraphy with students from KL as well as Singapore.  Through Inez’s work, we notice modern calligraphy is more about breaking the rules and once you know the rules.

IG: @inezcalligraphy


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Posted on November 6, 2015 and filed under Art.