Malaysia's Top 10 Child Enrichment Centres

Children’s brain development is critical. It helps them get off to a good start and establish them in fine fettle. Here’s where Child Enrichment Centre comes into play. To promote learning and repeated experiences in children to help them soak in information early in life. With the recent flourishing of child enrichment centres, here are 10 Child Enrichment Centres in Malaysia that you should consider, if you are planning to enroll your children in one.

1) Kiddo Science Centre

With 8 branches located across Klang Valley, Kiddo Science Centre is all about making science learning fun and intriguing . Founded in 2011, Kiddo Science Centre empowers children with the opportunity to explore and discover science at young age of 3 years old to 12 years old in a hands-on manner. Kiddo Science Centre believes not only science can help children acquire knowledge about their surroundings, it can develop children’s intelligence-curiosity, persistence, imagination, communication and thinking in and out of the box. | FB: KiddoScienceCentre


2) CanRidge

While many enrichment centres focus on the left brain development of a child, CanRidge focuses on the right brain development aiming to cultivate creativity, holistic thinking, rhythm, and coordination of a child. Suitable for children from 0+ month to 6 years old, the syllabuses of CanRidge are carefully designed, researched internationally and formulated according to experiences to encompass music, art, flashcards and gym. Guided by a team of experts, CanRidge is in the midst of expanding from Johor Bahru to Klang Valley and other locations in Malaysia.

FB: CanRidge - Right Brain Development


3) Creative Minds Robotic

Creative Minds wants to inspire students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and develop their capabilities to apply STEM concepts to real life. As part of its vision to prepare students for the 21st century, Creative Minds uses motivational effects of robotics in its courses to excite the modern generation of children. Mostly targeting primary school students, Creative Minds strives to provide an integrated learning environment to foster 5Cs namely Critical thinking, Creative problem-solving, Communications, Collaboration and Cross-cultural relationship building as part of its curriculum.

FB: creativemindsrobotic | IG: @creative_minds_robotic


4) Forest of Stars//Demi Quaver

Located in Johor Bahru, Forest of Starts//Demi Quaver (FOSDQ) is a creative art space and a rock academy for kids! Here at FOSDQ, every child is a star and every star deserves to shine. Whether it be learning of music or art, FOSDQ aims to deliver creative and expressive programmes that are not only process-driven but also child-directed. Ultimately, the team at FOSDQ believes that the learning process of children should be an enjoyable journey. Suitable for children of all ages, other programmes of FOSDQ include Creative Drama, Music and Movement, Visual Arts, Music Instrument Specialization, Phonics. | FB: FOSDQ


5) The Children’s Art Studio

Exploring creativity for Children & Teens, the Children’s Art Studio is about drawing, painting, sketching, crafting and sculpturing. Conducting classes in a small studio located in Petaling Jaya, The Children’s Art Studio provides an environment which is conducive for teacher to work with each child. According to the founder, many children found new interests during the process of discovering their own creativity. Most importantly, it is about the power to express which gives children confidence to pursue.

FB: childrensartstudio


6) LetzHop

LetzHop is a mind enrichment centre for children aged 6 months to 12 years old. Offering fun-filled learning experience through its 8 branches located in Klang Valley, LetzHop aims to help children build balanced foundations with various types of programmes such as Sesame Street English program being one of the most popular. At LetzHop, children are encouraged to learn through exploration and imagination. The classrooms are built around activities that stimulate while building self-esteem and self-confidence. It is a place for child’s intellectual development as well as for social and emotional growth. | FB: LetzHop | IG: @letzhop


7) Learning Fresh

The first Learning Fresh centre was established in 2011 at Taman Melawati. Its main objective was to impart English language skills to primary and secondary school students. Since then, they have grown to have 3 centres and have added pre-school, intervention and home-schooling programs to their repertoire. With their emphasis on creating a comfortable home-like community in their centres, they have today become a go-to brand for specialist learning in the Klang Valley. | FB: learningfresh | IG: @learningfreshmy



Blubricks is an entity born out of a passion to build confidence and encourage people to express themselves clearly and creatively. Among the courses offered are Speech and Drama, Musical Theatre, Communication Skills and Power Presentation. Blubricks strives to empower students with the confidence to be self –leaders and future-shapers by encouraging students to develop an inquisitive mind set and equipping them with necessary communicative and performing skills. Their main studios are in Kota Damansara, Cheras and Malacca; with a joint set-up in Bukit Jelutong. Visit them to get your kids started on their performing arts journey! | FB: blubricksmalaysia | IG: @blubricks


9) Kids Public Speaking By Johan Speaking Academy

Kids Public Speaking believe that while academic qualifications are important, it is essential that kids be equipped with communication and public speaking skills. They believe learning how to become an effective public speaker can be the key difference between success and failure in your life at home, at work and in your own community. Among the many benefits of public speaking are self-confidence, better ability to listen and enhanced communication skills. | FB: KidsPublicSpeaking | IG: @kidspublicspeaking


10) Hobby Hop in

hobby Hop In Malaysia's Top 10 Child Enrichment Centres.png

Hobby Hop In is a learning centre established in November 2011. Since then they have been offering their many learning courses to children and parents alike. It is described as a fun place for everyone to explore their interests and build up their creativity. It is with their main motto of ‘learning thru fun’ that their conduct their arts and craft, creative thinking, dance, music and exercise classes. 

FB: Hobby Hop In | IG: @hobbyhopin

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