Malaysia's Top 10 Leather Crafters

Leather is an amazing product that can come in bags, wallets, clothes, shoes and many more. Pretty much anything you can think of can be made from leather thanks to the leather crafters. Leather crafters are thus the people who make leather into objects or works of art using various kind of techniques. Looking for something in leather? Explore this list of Malaysia’s Top 10 Leather Crafters.

1) Attached Leather Co.

Attached Leather Co. Malaysia's Top 10 Leather Crafters.png

From making handcrafted leather goods such as wallet, card cases, and key holders to conducting leather crafting workshops, Attached Leather Co. is fueled by the vision to revive the making of handcrafted leather goods. Powered by a couple who is of architectural background, Faiz Rosli and Ayu Lamien started Attached Leather Co. about two years ago when they first stumbled upon the craft in Penang. Immersed in passion for all things leather, they hope to extend into other things such as shoes in coming future.

IG: @Xattachedx


2) Pesakraf

Pesakraf Malaysia's Top 10 Leather Crafters.png

Started out as a home based business, Pesakraf today is well recognized as a specialist in handcrafted goods. Established in 2012 by a small team of like-minded individuals, Pesakraf’s products are built to last. Thanks to the determination of its founders to use only high quality material that is durable. This is why Pesakraf is generous when it comes to giving you a warranty. All products of Pesakraf comes with 5 years warranty and that’s what we call quality assurance.

FB: Pesakraf | IG: @pesakraf


3) JK Leather Malaysia

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From card cases to key holders, JK Leather caters to those in need of limited, niche and artistic leather goods. Founded by Joey Kher, passion is the reason why she took on this path of crafting. She is also more than willing to share her experience through leather workshops and training which is available for a group of minimum 10 person. Based in Johor, Joey also founded J Batik of which vision is to spread the knowledge of Batik through education to more Malaysians.

FB: JKLeatherMalaysia | IG: @kherjoey


4) Leatologie

Leatologie Malaysia's Top 10 Leather Crafters.png

Leatologie handcrafts things like folio, book cover, key holder and more using genuine leather. Keep things simple being its philosophy, Leatologie believes natural marks and imperfections are what make leather a beautiful medium. In some of its series, Leatologie also uses waste and imperfect leather to handcraft leather goods such as key chain. According to the founder, every mark tells a story and gives your leathers goods a unique identifying mark.

FB: leatologie | IG: @leatologie


5) 16:80 Handmade by Mat Kery

16_80 Malaysia's Top 10 Leather Crafters.png

Mat Kery described himself as an amateur Malaysian leather crafter. If he is an amateur then he must be a talented one. Being a designer himself, he likes to showcase his love for hand stitching and crafting of leather on his Instagram. From his Instagram, you can feel his appreciation for selection of materials and attention to details. If you are a fan of leather goods, remember to follow 16:80 on Instagram for routine display of beautiful items made of leather.

IG: @16_80


6) Thirtyfour

Thirtyfour Malaysia's Top 10 Leather Crafters.png

Thirtyfour is recognized as an exceptional brand that takes pride in its remarkable craftsmanship. Known for their dedication to working with leather, its current design pool weaves together methods from such fields as architecture, metal-smiting, fashion, industrial, graphic, and interactive multimedia design. To date thirtyfour has been occupied with explorations in skin while they have also provided corporate gift and merchandising services for various international brands and a handful of local companies. | FB: | IG: @34stories


7) KURI Handmade Leather Bags

Kuri Handmade Leather bags Malaysia's Top 10 Leather Crafters.png

As their name suggests, KURI is a business selling leather bags such as handbags and backpacks. Besides that, they also sell accessories such as book/diary covers and key chains. Established in 2012, they have sought to only use genuine leather, cotton, linen and wool as their materials. From their slogan ‘Handmade makes life’, you can see the sheer passion they have in what they do. This passion is evident on their vibrant, warm and stylish designs.

FB: kurihandmade | IG: @kuri_handmade


8) Ox Leather Goods

oxleathergoods Malaysia's Top 10 Leather Crafters.png

Ox Leather Goods is another handmade leather goods business, but what sets them apart is the fact that they specialise in accessories. Among their range of products are purses, wallets, cardholders, caps and bracelets. Their company motto is ‘Handmade-Detailing-Perfection’ and from this you can tell they emphasise a whole lot of quality. This can be seen on their products where every stich looks immaculate and seems to be at the perfect place. 

FB: oxleathergoods | IG: @oxleathergoods


9) Zeve Shoes

zeve Shoes Malaysia's Top 10 Leather Crafters.png

Zeve Shoes sells leather shoes that are hand crafted by talented artisan shoemakers in Malaysia. Their designs are both colourful and stylish, intent on making the perfect modern shoe for the modern man.  A lot of effort is placed on visuals but comfort is not forsaken. They aim to create a shoe that will bring customer complete satisfaction both in looks and in feel. Great shoes and great service that you would not want to miss out! | FB: zeveshoes | IG: @zeveshoes


10) Bear Dot Com

Bear dot com Malaysia's Top 10 Leather Crafters.png

Started since May 2010, Bear Dot Com is yet another handmade leather goods business. The items in their sales catalogue include keychains, wallets, purses, clutches and handbags. As they mention on their site, they are all about handmade, art and graphic design. Their love for their craft is well displayed in their trendy and friendly products. Not only can you buy their products, you can also learn how they make it. Yes they offer workshops, so you too can make your own leather goods! | FB: Bear-dot-com | IG: @beardotcom

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