Malaysia's Top 10 Nail Salons

When it comes to nail salons, it's not just about the glitter and polish. It is also about creativity, cleanliness, and professionalism. While there are many nail salons out there that offer nail care services such as manicures, pedicures and nail enhancements, in this list, you’ll find 10 Nail Salons that have set themselves apart from the rest, providing not only great nails, but a safe and pleasant experience.

1) BeeQnails

It is not surprise that BeeQnails is dubbed by many ladies as their top choice for nails-do. With its professional team, BeeQnails earned reputation for being creative, friendly and committed. As a partner salon with O.P.I, the world leader in professional nail care, they share similar believes in providing high standard services with high quality products. Their cozy environment will also make you fall in love.

FB: BeeQnails | IG: @beeqnails

2) Posh! Nail Spa

At Posh! They believe looks do matter. Every woman is beautiful and Posh thinks you deserved to be celebrated. What set Posh! apart is how the team values the importance of self-love and pampering. They are on a mission to help every woman embrace brilliance, beauty & greatness with their unique nail art styles. Oh did you know you can throw a nail party with Posh? | FB: Posh!Nail Spa | IG: @posh_nailspa

3) Kit-ro Nail Salon

Based in Johor Bahru, Kit-ro Nail Salon is known for its exceptional attention to detail and fashionable styles. If you have any special design request, Kit-ro Nail Salon has got what it takes to help you express your individuality. Founded by Yvonne, she hopes to turn your nail spa session into delighted experience every time you visit Kit-ro Nail Salon. | FB: Kit-ro Nail Salon | IG: @kitro_nailsalon

4) Samantha Nails Home Spa

Come on and spice up your fingers with Samantha Nails Home Spa. Driven by passion, Samantha and her team guarantee to surprise you with their creativity each time you go to visit Samantha Nails Home Spa. Conveniently located at Johor Bahru (Jalan Molek), Samantha Nails Home Spa is a clean, chic and creative. 

FB: Samantha Nails Home Spa | IG: @samanthateng92

5) Jac & Ivy Nail Spa

Imagine relaxing and pampering yourself in a classy and luxury environment away from the buzz of the city lights. This is what Jac & Ivy Nail Spa is about. Co-owned by two very different individuals, Jac & Ivy channel their passion for nail art into their Nail Salon to give you beautifully manicured hands and feet. They endeavor to deliver exceptional world-class customer service to you in an amazing zen ambience. | FB: Jac & Ivy Nail Spa | IG: @jacivynailspa

6) Posh Belle

Strategically located at Ampang Point Shopping Centre, Posh Belle offers full line of professional manicure and pedicure, nail extensions and enhancements services in a safe and comfortable setting for you to get pampered and polished, if only for a day. Let Posh Belle takes good care of your nails and makes it a special occasion for you every time!

FB: Posh Belle | IG: @poshbelle

7) Nails on Wheels

Crafting its own niche, Nails on Wheels is the first of its kind mobile Nail Salon in Malaysia that goes to you. Providing home to home service, you can now sit back and relax at your home while having your pedicure and manicure needs fulfilled. Why not give Nails on Wheel a try when you know your home is your full comfort zone while you can save traveling hassle and time. | FB: Nails On Wheels | IG: @nailsonwheels_my

8) Sommerset Nails & Waxing Bangsar

Welcome to Sommerset, where ambience and expertise work together to enhance the beauty within you. An award-winning nails and waxing salon in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Sommerset distinguishes itself by bringing you a sanctuary equipped with full suite of service for waxing and nails do. They also provide courses for nails & waxing conducted by certified educator. | FB: Sommerset Nails & Waxing Bangsar | IG: @sommersetkl

9) Colour Culture

A chain of exclusive OPI nail salons in Malaysia, Colour Culture believes that your nails, hands and feet deserve only the best. So they’ve created a nail sanctuary aimed at providing you with an incredible nail spa experience which will keep you coming back for more. Using only the finest tools, products and nail lacquers from OPI, Colour Culture is dedicated to excellence to provide you with a luxurious yet warm and cozy environment to indulge in the treatment of their dreams. | FB: Colour Culture | IG: @colourculture

10) The Nail Parlour

At The Nail Parlour, all nails are not alike! The Nail Parlour offers an extensive menu of seriously indulgent manicures and pedicures and more than 200 different shades of nail polish. Also they are the first in Malaysia to introduce the use of ultrasonic machines & steam heat to disinfect tools, a superior sanitization promise. Dive into any of their 12 outlets around Klang Valley for a fun and trendy Nail Parlour experience. | FB: The Nail Parlour

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Posted on July 17, 2015 and filed under Beauty, Lifestyle.