Malaysia's Top 10 Tattoo Studios


Tattoo, a form of body modification made by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment and being well recognised as a form of body art. Many stylish celebrities are treating tattoo as an accessory and have started to set the trend around the world. We saw a rising trend for body art within the millennials and Gen-Ys in Malaysia.  From dainty stars to written words, many youngsters have taken the tat plunge. These 10 homegrown tattoo studios are turning tattoos into funky fashion accessories.

1. Kinki Ryusaki Studio


Kinki Ryusaki, the owner of the Kinki Ryusaki Studio, is a young and beautiful tattoo artist. Beginning her craft at the youthful age of 16, she is definitely well experienced in this field. Together with a team of professional tattooists, they strive to deliver the best service and body art to their customers. They view the art of tattooing like the art of life.  Style-wise, it is easily one of the most diverse studios in the city.

FB: Kinki Ryusaki Studio | IG: @KinkiRyusaki


2. Yang Lee Tattoo


A tattoo studio established in 2008, Yang Lee Tattoo offers a large variety of tattoo art forms from influences of time and culture. They strive for total customer satisfaction and are willing to go out of their way to make sure everyone walks away with exactly what they want. They make sure their customers will have tattoos that they are proud to wear for the rest of their lives. If you’re looking for great services with a friendly environment, this definitely should be on your list. | FB: Yang Lee Tattoo | IG: @yangleetattoo


3. Skin Nation Tattoo


Located in Penang, Skin Nation Tattoo has a team of talented professional tattooists. They offer services ranging from tattoo design to aftercare consultation. The tattooists are able to work on customised designs and freehand the tattoo directly onto the skin to ensure custom fit and flow with your body. The shop has a great friendly atmosphere, making customers feel at home.

FB: Skin Nation Tattoo | IG: @mc_skinnationtattoo


4. Black Cat Tattoo Studio


Uniquely located at Sunway Pyramid mall, Black Cat Tattoo prides itself in offering the highest standards of hygiene and safety in its services. It is a full service studio with a fun and relaxing environment to make sure customers will feel at most ease. Its services ranged from old to new school and from different artistic styles. Their designs will definitely capture your imaginations! | FB: Black Cat Tattoo Studio | IG: @blackcatmy


5. Tribal Bodyworks Tattoo Studio


Tribal Bodyworks Tattoo Studio has built one of the best reputations in Kuala Lumpur’s tattoo scene. The dedicated team are friendly and talented, and happy to guide you through the vast choice of art on offer.  The tattooists have all the tools they need at their disposal to create the best artwork for the most solid and well-crafted tattooing available.

FB: Tribal Bodyworks Tattoo Studio | IG: @tribalbodyworkstattoo


6. Hai Yuan Tattoo Studio


This is a relatively new tattoo studio, established in 2013. Some may associate the newness with inexperience, but actually the opposite is to be the case. This tattoo studio let by tattoo master Hai Yuan Sun, offer innovative and imaginative tattoo designs for its customers. What’s interesting is that they also provide tattoo learning courses for those interested! A cool place an enthusiast should check out!

FB: Haiyuan Tattoo | IG: @haiyuantattoo


7. Maotattoo Studio


Setting up shop in 2010, Mao Tattoo Studio can be said as an innovator in the Malaysian tattoo scene, being the 1st in the country to be fully equipped with disposable tubes and needles. Maybe it is the sense of innovation that has won them multiple awards internationally. It is a studio which specializes in different cultures of art, coming from its 3 local artists.  You can bet the best of quality and innovation can be found here!

FB: Maotattoo.KellyV | IG: @maotattookellyv


8. Pink Tattoos


Set in the happening part of town, Bangsar. Pink Tattoo has an experienced team of three artists beginning with its founder Lynda Cheah. Its homey studio will make customers feel comfortable when getting an ink. They have a high standard of hygiene, making sure customers receive quality work in a sanitary environment. | FB: Pink Tattoos | IG: @pinktattoos


9. Borneo Ink Tattoo


This well featured tattoo studio has won numerous awards from across the world. On top of that, they have also been the centre for documentaries and books. The artists here specialize in doing one of a kind custom tattooing and are proficient in all manner of tattooing styles. They are willing to work within the customer’s budget and offer free aftercare for all their tattoos. How great is that! | FB: Borneo Ink Tattoo | IG: @borneo_ink_tat2


10. Inkcraft Tattoo Studio


They believe that they are a platform for people that are passionate in the art of tattooing. They also strive to provide a fun and relaxing environment for all their clients. Their team of international and local artists specializes in custom designs with a large variety of influences. You can definitely find something you like from here! | FB: Inkcraft Tattoo Studio | IG: @inkcrafttattoostudio

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