Malaysia's Top 10 Handmade Beauty Products Specialists


If you are a health conscious person, we invite you to embark on a journey for wellness with these local handmade beauty product specialists that promote beauty in a natural and organic way. While most of us are familiar with commercialized beauty products sold in shopping malls, there’s something about handmade beauty products that is worth exploring. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it can be to have a healthier, vibrant you by trying out the handmade beauty products made by some of these specialists.

1) By Lena


Inspired by two little trees, Lena, the founder of By Lena is a devotee of handcrafted natural and organic beauty products. Stems from Lena’s belief that what you use on your skin has to be free from harmful chemicals, she is passionate about the skin and body care products that she creates. From soaps, lip balms to face cream (and many more), By Lena’s products have been remarked as soothing and effective. 

FB: By lena | IG: @bylena_

2) Claire Organics


Every personal care product Claire Organics develops has been carefully handcrafted using fresh and natural high-quality ingredients. It all began with Louise Chu’s maternal instinct to provide the best for her baby, Norra Claire, by learning to make her bar soaps from breast milk. From there, Louise’s passion for natural homemade skincare products took off. Currently the store sells a variety of body scrubs, lip balms, and hair oils. | FB: Claire Organics | IG: @claireorganics

3) Chemistry by KyuRai

Rest assured that your skin will be gently pampered by Chemistry by KyuRai as the company was first developed to address the sensitive and problematic skin of her founders. Discovering the healing benefits of pure essential oils and the absence of harmful chemicals in her products, Chemistry by KyuRai targets to turn your epidermal grime into epidermis shine, au naturel. Today, Chemistry by KyuRai’s product portfolio covers a variety of soaps, bath & body products. | FB: Chemistry by KyuRai | IG: @chembyk

4) The Soap Cellar


The Soap Cellar was established in 2011 with the belief that it should not cost anyone too much to have beautiful skin. Riding on this moto, Soap Cellar strives to provide the highest quality of skincare products at reasonable prices. Using mainly imported raw materials, The Soap Cellar with a specialized retail outlet in Penang, today, expands beyond handmade natural soaps to also provide you with organic shampoos. | FB: The Soap Cellar | IG: @thesoapcellar

5) Be Good


James Wong, the founder of Be Good, wants you to be good to yourself. Selling body care products made from edible ingredients such as sugar, tea leaves and herbs, James goes beyond creating products made with love for your skin. Be Good prides itself as a handmade beauty product specialist that produces wellness made with (and made for) positivity. James cites that the inspiration of the brand came when he sought to be good to himself. | FB: Be Good | IG: @begoodto

6) A Soap Affair


A Soap Affair is about creating good soap. Made by hand from scratch in the kitchen, no manufacturing process involved means no chemicals are added and no preservatives are used. Its high Olive Oil content also means you get a bar that is ultra moisturizing too, and works wonders on both the body and the face. But just because this soap cares for your skin, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a powerful cleansing punch. It is guaranteed to clean even the toughest days off you. | FB: A Soap Affair | IG: @asoapaffair

7) The Sabun


Often times we don’t quite know the ingredients that goes into producing our shower gel or bar soap, striving to produce only high-quality soaps, The Sabun only use the finest of ingredients, and natural ones, when possible. Aim to leave your skin gentle and moisturized, The Sabun’s Soap also make you smell naturally fresh. The Sabun’s product range encompasses soaps, srubs, body butter, lip balm and lip stain. | FB: The Sabun | IG: @the.sabun

8) Homemade by Yayah


What we like most about Handmade by Yayah is that all its products are freshly made by orders. Yayah, the founder, describes themselves as a small and homemade production. They sell homemade skincare products that are halal and safe to use, which explains why they do not keep large stock in hand to preserve the quality and freshness of products.

FB: Homemade by Yayah | IG: @homemadebyyayah

9) Earth Care Soaps


For environmentalists, you’d be also glad to know that Earth Care Soaps instils environmental-friendly ingredients and concepts in its products.  A heaven of handmade all-natural bath and body care products, made with love for your skin and care for our environment, Earth Care Soaps wants you to treat yourself with the best of Mother Nature. At Earth Care, the team is committed to inspire an honest, healthy and green lifestyle through their affordable, natural and organic products. | FB: Earth Care Soaps | IG: @earthcaresoaps

10) Fawn Beauty Co.


Fawn believes the power of artisanal beauty products. With its unique and minimal formulations using organic, vegan, all-natural and raw elements, Fawn’s products are delicately tuned to shield your skin from unnecessary harmful ingredients that you didn’t know exist in the commercialized choices out there.  Treat yourself to Fawn’s variety of handmade artisanal products for a gentle and better skin.

FB: Fawn Beauty Co. | IG: @fawnbeautyco

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