Malaysia's Top 10 Caricaturists

For those of you who are not familiar with the word caricature, it means a picture, description, or imitation of a person or thing in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect. Caricaturists hence are the artists who specialize in drawing caricature. Contemporarily used as gifts or souvenirs, a beautiful caricature requires creative imagination and sharp attention to face details. Looking for a good caricaturist? Here’s a list of Malaysia’s Top 10 Caricaturists voted by the public. 

1) Lefty Julian

Originated from Penang, Lefty Julian, is a highly experience caricaturist, who is known for his involvement in the Marking George Town Project. If you wander around the streets of George Town, you’ll be likely to see some of his artworks i.e. “George Town Caricature Scupltures by Lefty”. Some other interesting project of Julian to note is the Eco Pop Art which the idea is to do a quick 10 mins caricatures on recycled cardboards to save the trees. Beyond caricature, Julian is also one of the co-founders of Gilamon Studio, an independent comic publisher.

 FB: Eco Pop Art | IG: @lefty_julian

2) Asree Elaji

Asree Elaji prides himself on his drawing skill using traditional pen on paper. Either on the spot at your wedding, bazaar, corporate event or from photos that you send in, Asree knows how to put a smile on your face with his quick and lively caricature. Asree can be hired at competitive rates and has certainly proved to be extremely popular at events. His composure at sketching faces live has made him one of the most sought after.

FB: Asree Elaji Sketches Gallery


3) Olyhairy Othman

Today, Olyhairy Othman or better known as Oly, is regarded as one of the most skillful and speedy caricaturists in Malaysia. Started out as an illustrator in December 2001, Oly became a full time caricaturist in 2008 after finding himself deeply interested in cartoons and caricatures. Driven by passion, Year 2008 saw Oly took the bold step to set up his own company (Olylukis Production). According to Oly, it was mentorship which helped him become a well-known caricaturist today. | FB: Olylukis Gallery | IG: @olyhairy


4)  Katon Aqhari

Katon Aqhari is an award-winning caricaturist who is known for his attention to details and creativity. Started out in the creative industry as an illustrator in 1999, Katon Aqhari soon found recognition after he won the first place in a competition for character design in 2008. Thanks to his silky smooth drawing technic, Katon Aqhari became the record holder for the First Actors and Actresses Digital Caricature Exhibition by An Artist in the Malaysia Book of Records in 2014.

 FB: Katon Aqhari | IG: @katonaqhari


5) Art Saad


Art Saad makes your feel cool in your caricature. According to Art Saad, personality is one of the most important elements when it comes to producing a good caricature.  Regarded as one of the most active caricaturists in the industry, Art Saad’s passion for caricature is evident from his involvement in exhibitions, classes, and any events that are related to caricature. Just so you know, Art Saad is also an animator, storyboard artist and voice talent in animated series. | FB: Art Werk Pro | IG: @artwerkpro


6) Jai Hud

Though considered as one of the latecomers in the live caricature sketching business, this did not stop Jai Hud from gaining reputation as one of the most desirable caricaturists. After spending a few years doing various kinds of jobs, passion for drawing fueled Jai Hud into caricature and since then, he never looked back. Jai Hud now works full time as a freelance artists who enjoys entertaining at various events with his live caricature sketching.

FB: Jai Hud


7) Toinie Korakora

Toinie specialises in caricature, real Portrait, and live sketch entertainment, hoping to bring joy and fun to people. He is immensely popular amongst hundreds of families in Malaysia. Toinie owns an online website called KorakoraART Design to showcase his masterpieces as well as to take orders from his clients via online.

FB: Korakora Design | IG: @korakoraartdesign


8) Topek Taib

With more than 10 years of caricature drawing experience, Topek Taib loves doing party caricature because it captures a great likeness and creating a funny drawing that bring fun to people.  Highly original and expressive caricatures with a dead-on likeness. Topek approaches caricature with the love and dedication of a master craftsman.

FB: Simple Art Production


9) Triton Lim

The Pahang-born caricaturist, Triton Lim encapsulates one's persona and profound traits and features in his work. His caricature journey started since 2010, hoping to bring humour to people. The self-taught artist learned various drawing techniques through tutorial CDs before he became a full-time successful caricaturist. Today, his artworks are being featured in various major magazines and newspapers in the country. | FB: Triton Lim Artist | IG: @tritonlimartist


10) Vivian Lees

Started out as a hobby, Vivian has finally found a way to use coffee in a different way: drawing “live” caricatures at bazaars, events, parties, weddings and cafe openings. The talented caricaturist got an early start as her mother was her art teacher and helped develop her talent. She uses coffee because of the warm tones and vintage effects, which make her painting extraordinary. | FB: VivianLees Art | IG: @vivianleesart

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