Malaysia's Top 10 Clay Crafters

If you are not familiar with clay crafting, it is an art made from clay materials, which may take forms including sculpture, figures, sample dishes and many more. Get ready to be inspired by these 10 clay crafters from Malaysia who have what it takes to produce wonderful miniatures and figurines using their bare hands, of course with clay, and their creativity. Introducing you Malaysia’s Top 10 Clay Crafters who are devoted to clay art with lots of passion and love: 

1) Yusie’s Art & Craft

Founded by Yusie, she loves all things beautiful. Driven by passion, Yusie is capable of producing wonderful crafts using clay and her imagination. Judging from her portfolio, her strength lies in her attention to detail and choice of colour. While human figurine becomes her forte, her clay products also convey sentiment of happiness and joy. That is what make Yusie’s Art & Craft special. | FB: Yusie's Art & Craft | IG: @yusiethon


2) Mabelstory

Mabel wants each of her clay figurine to have its unique character and personality. Prides herself on making custom miniature clay charms, Mabel has the ability to produce a charm that looks exactly like you, with elements of comic being added to it. If you are looking to add colors to your bracelet, Mabelstory would be your perfect choice. | FB: @mabelstory | IG: @mabelstor


3) Yenji Clay Craft

Entered Malaysia’s clay crafting scene since 2008, Yenji Clay Craft focuses on teaching classes with an aim of passing their knowledge in the art of clay to students from all around the world. Instructed by qualified instructors, Yenji Clay Craft operates classes at 4 of its branches in Malaysia namely Ikano, Publika, Puchong and Penang. Yenji Clay Craft also offers high quality clay craft related products such as tools and materials. | FB: Yenji Clay Craft | IG: @chris.khoo


4) Momozai

Originated from Ipoh, Momozai is founded by Shee Man, also better known as Momo. Graduated in Interior Design, Momo is a self-taught clay crafter who aspires to create something special for different people. According to her, personalization is what makes her craft work unique and her motivation comes from the satisfaction of her customers. | FB: Momozai DIY Clay | IG: @momomoke


5) Moo.nicholas

Moo.nicholas was founded by Nicholas Lim for one sole reason, his passion for clay arts. Judging from his signature animal themed clay figurine series, Nicholas knows how to bring the most out of simplicity. Do take a look at his masterpieces of cute animals such as tapir, sheep and piggy. How they are adorably crafted will make you fall in love.

FB: Moo.nicholas | IG: @moo.nicholas


6) Tiny Clay Made

Every item in Olivia’s online shop is completely handmade with polymer clay, with lots of attention to details and love. While Olivia is a part-time graphic designer, she describes polymer clay as her passion and interest. As its name suggest, Tiny Clay Made turns anything you can imagine into tiny little clay art. From Baymax to Minion, you name it Tiny Clay Made makes it and she does it delicately. | FB: Tinyclaymade | IG: @tinyclaymade


7) Half Lemon

The Half Lemon team enjoys designing and creating handmade works of craft. In mind when creating these works is a design concept which revolves around simplicity, minimalism and cuteness! The main character in this brand is Mantou, described as a happy, simple and shy girl; a character which embodies their design philosophy. Their heartily made goods are definitely worth your attention! | FB: Half Lemon 半粒〇檬 | IG: @halflemon_vicki


8) Shiro Bear Handiart

Based in Kuching, Sarawak; Shiro Bear Handiart specialises in custom made handicraft with product offerings such as key chains, photo frames, human figurines, weddings gifts and many more. Their amazing ability to create crafts with differing designs is clear for all to see. Make sure to check them out!

FB: ShIrO BeAr HaNdIart | IG: @vivi_shiro


9) Clayci Art

Founded by Crisci Chan, Clayci Art and Clay is an art education centre located in Petaling Jaya. They offer 2D & 3D art classes to both children and adults. This is a place where one gets to take home a new set of skills and not just a handicraft; and that could make you a better person as a whole. As they believe art helps people make the world a better place. Look for this place if you’re looking to develop a new set of interests!

FB: Clayci Art and Clay class | IG: @clayciart


10) Handmade by Mich

Handmade by Mich is relatively a new player in this talented field of craft making. But let not that hinder the fact that they make products of utmost quality and design. Specialising in using polymer clay, their works seem to bring cartoons to life.  Do support them in their new beginnings! | FB: Handmade by Mich | IG: @handmadebymich

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Posted on September 18, 2015 and filed under Art & Crafts.