Malaysia's Top 10 Woodcrafters

If you're looking for piece of furniture for your home, be sure that you check out this list filled with 10 talented woodcrafters. Also known as woodworkers, wood furniture makers or carpenters, their beautifully made wood furniture with clean lines, gorgeous grains, and silky exterior will make you swoon. Check it out! 

1) Harith Green Carpenter

As its name suggests, Harith is a green carpenter who focuses on the up-cycling of construction waste by transforming reclaimed pallets and metals into functional art pieces. The timeless masterpieces crafted by Harith, besides being gorgeous pieces on their own, the fact that they’re made with reclaimed wood bring them up a very green notch. To top it all, Harith also utilizes Malaysian-grown bamboo planks to make purposeful décor items as a greener solution for interior works. | FB: Harith Green Carpenter | IG: @harithgreencarpenter


2) Palleture

Palleture believes in promoting environmental sustainability by turning reclaimed cargo pallets into beautiful household furniture and decorative items. Inspired by the combination of different kind of woods such as pine, oak, cedar, teak and maple that are only obtainable from imported cargo pallets, all Palleture’s products are fully handcrafted by their experienced craftsmen. Just about any pieces at your home you can think of, Palleture will customize them for you using reclaimed wood.

FB: Palleture | IG: @palleture


3) Fine Grit Studio

Established on October 2014 by Daniel Salehuddin and Khairul Asyraf (two already talented craftsmen), Fine Grit Studio makes furniture with an emphasis on precision and fine craftsmanship. Driven by passion and obsession with wood, Fine Grit Studio’s philosophy is to produce high detailing quality products and to share the beautiful characteristics of our local wood to the people around the globe. | FB: Fine Grit Studio | IG: @finegritstudio


4) The Wooden Stack

The Wooden Stack has always been a reliable source for eco-friendly backdrops or signboards made from wood. If you are looking for something unique and natural to beautify your event or shop, The Wooden Stack is the best bet. Regards itself as the specialist in wood & steel, The Wooden Stack also crafts some simple, functional and beautiful pieces of furniture. This includes tables, chairs, stools, shelves and the list goes on.

FB: The Wooden Stack | IG:


5) Kedai

A growing Petaling Jaya based art studio, makes modern and chic wood furniture with lots of love. Founded by by Rizal Sufar & Izat Arif, the fabricates furniture, countertops, cabinets, tables and just about anything you can imagine. Prides itself on their creativity and craftsmanship, aims to not only produce modish woodcrafts, but also wood-based furniture that are functional and long lasting.

FB: Kedai | IG: @kedai_co


6) ZVW +4inci3hun

We definitely have a soft spot for beautifully made wood furniture by ZVW +4inci3hun. Using reused materials, pallet and steel in their handcrafting process, its pieces of furniture are somewhat simple but sleek looking. Ranging in size and style, each piece of furniture is uniquely produced and customized for different clients. The team at ZVW +4inci3hun also provides interior designing service to top their skillful craftsmanship.

FB: 4 inci 3 hun | IG: @zvw.4inci3hun


7) Lishasahar Furniture

Founded by Lisha Sahar, Lishasahar Furniture specialises in custom-made signage, boxes, furniture and many more. All of her works are made out of reclaim pine, as pine wood is lighter and more tender, making it easier to work with. The purpose of using reclaim pine is also to reduce waste. The Instagram page features completed furniture pieces, processes, and special promo to their followers.

FB: Lishasahar Furniture | IG:


8) Waris Papan

Waris Papan Malaysia Top 10 Woodcrafters.png

Founded in June 2014, the Seremban-based Waris Papan aims to transform boring wood pallets into amazing furniture. The founder, Ahmad Rosisi and his friends came up with the name Waris Papan with “Waris” representing the Negeri Sembilan community while “Papan” basically stands for wood. All of the furniture is made from pine wood, which gives people the vintage or rustic feel.  They are also exclusively working with wood pallets, without wasting resources from our beloved Mother Earth. | FB: Waris Papan | IG: @warispapan


9) Nolin Teh

Nolin’s passion in woodworking made her a great carpenter. She showcases the best of her artistry and craftsmanship through her work in making fine wood furniture, ranging from table and stool to wall panel as well as storage bench.  The most popular ones are Cartwheel Lamp and Triangle Lamp which has recently caught the attention of the New York Magazine for featuring opportunity. | FB: Nolin Teh  | IG: @nolin.teh



10) Porniture Woodwerk

Porniture Woodwerk is owned by Fatima Jamaluddin and Amirul Hafiz Anuar, a husband-and-wife team. They specialise in custom-made furniture ranging from signage to bird house and planter boxes. Their over 7,000-follower Instagram page features completed furniture pieces, processes, events they had participated in and once in a while, giveaways to their followers. 

FB: Porniture Woodwerk | IG: @porniturewoodwerk

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Posted on September 4, 2015 and filed under Art & Crafts.