Malaysia's Top 10 Terrarium Makers

If this is your first time hearing the term Terrarium, it is a sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown. While Terrariums can also be open to atmosphere rather than being sealed, they are often kept as decorative or ornamental items. Feel like owning one? Here’s a list of 10 Terrarium Makers in Malaysia who create the fanciest terrariums.

1) Riumz

Founded in 2010, Riumz is recognized as the expert in the field. Trained in various zoological disciplines as well as being husbandry advisors themselves, the team at Riumz is committed to bring nature and greeneries into home and urban spaces. At Riumz, they want to bring you to a closer proximity to nature. Besides the terra series, Riumz also provides the viva series, in aqua too, if you prefer. | FB: Riumz | IG: @rium


2) Terrarium World

Terrarium World designs and manufactures terrariums of various unique shapes and sizes. According to them, Terrariums provides a very therapeutic view that relaxes the eyes and eases the mind. At Terrarium World, they pride themselves on the know-how to creatively arrange exotic plants such as small palm trees, pitcher plants, creepers, jungle ferns and moss to resemble a tropical jungle terrain. | FB: Terrarium World


3) Little Habitats

Little Habitats is one of the terrarium makers in Malaysia who have been at the forefront of creating chic terrariums. At Little Habitats, less is more and simplicity is key. While they bring nature indoors with micro garden landscape by featuring mini mounds of terrestrial moss, ferns, air and succulent plants, they do it with elegance and class.

FB: Little Habitats | IG: @l.habitat


4) Potheads

Potheads Malaysia's Top 10 Terrarium Makers.png

Fancy a pot or two? Potheads is sprouting the love of succulents in pots. At potheads, every pot is made to order and unique to the liking of you. Selling a more affordable range starting at RM 30 onwards, Potheads believe you’ll find yourselves enjoying the company of plants at home or office, once you are a pothead. If you want one, they’ll hand deliver the pot to you provided you are within Klang Valley. | FB: Potheads | IG: @potheadskl


5) EL Euhara

Based in Kuala Lumpur, El Euhara loves everything beautiful. Alongside their homeware, El Euhara carries a variety of terrariums that are exquisitely made. While El Euhara’s terrariums are in perfect sizes, the team at El Euhara fancies using different type of cactus with little decorative miniatures and message cards in the terrariums. We think they’re ideal gifts for family and friends.

IG: @el_euhara


6) Ola Cacti

As its name suggests, Ola Cacti is the cactus expert. Here’s where you can find terrariums with fancy cactuses and cute little pocket-size people or figurines. If you plan on enlightening your office space with some mini-cactus-garden, get in touch with Ola Cacti. They may not carry the widest range of plants, but their selection of cactus themed terrariums are one of the loveliest. 

IG: @ola_cacti


7) Green Fingers

Green Fingers is a family run garden care centre. With an aim to inspire their fellow Malaysians to grow and nurture plants and life. Under the roof of their store, they have literally everything an avid gardener in Malaysia would want. This of course includes terrariums. Their tastefully crafted terrariums come in varieties of shapes and sizes. They certainly exude elegance and simplicity; this definitely helps them achieve their aim of inspiring. One shouldn’t miss out on this! | FB: Green Fingers | IG: @mygreenfingers


8) Mini Green

Founded only towards the end of last year, Mini Green has been able to attract quite a following. Perhaps it is from the lightness of a new beginning that inspires its creator Melissa Jalil to come out with innovative designs. With terrariums of different glass containers such as wine glasses, drinking glasses, jars to fish bowls; they certainly bring with them a sense of creativity. And would bring that same feel to any space it is chose to decorate. Do check them out!

FB: Mini Green Terrariums | IG: @minigreent


9) Tiny Forest

Located in the bustling area of Subang Jaya, Tiny Forest is the brainchild of renowned Malaysian artiste Yuna Zarai. It is clear to see that her artistry with the mic has been ably transferred down to her terrariums. Tiny Forest’s terrariums blends quirkiness with ingenuity; creating a wonderful contemporary feel in their products. Check them out at their store in SS15.

FB: Tiny Forest Terrariums | IG: @tinyforestsj


10) Ficus & Jar’s Terrariums

Recently passing two years since its establishment, Ficus & Jars was started then by a duo. The pair, whose love for home and interior décor have them spending all their free time designing and making terrariums. Armed with the design philosophy of sleek and minimal, together with an aim to excite and refresh the spaces they furnish; they set out making their products. Look for their passionately made terrariums!

FB: Ficus & Jar | IG: @ficusandjars

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Posted on September 25, 2015 and filed under Art & Crafts.