10 Malaysian Male Instagramers You Should Follow

For the first time ever in Malaysia, TallyPress is proud to present to you the 10 Male Instagramers that Pollbookers reckon you should follow! They are charismatic and "Instagramally" interesting. Check them out here!

1. @Preston_les

Preston Leen is the founder of @Peoplegraphy @InstaloveMalaysia @10Gorgeous

If you are looking for great charming portraits and awesome photography then you should start following Preston! Check out his blog prestonles.me !

2. @Aimanafiff

Aiman's tagline says it all "Not your prince charming" but some awesome and cool contents to showcase. Surely a people's favourite!

3. @Shayifuleusoff_

If Aiman says he is not your prince charming then you should consider Shayiful as one. Positive Instagram contents featuring himself and people around him. Nice photo taking skill too.

4. @Bryan_chatime

Bryan Loo is not just good looking and charismatic but he is also one successful young entrepreneur. He is the founder of Chatime Malaysia. Follow him for lifestyle and entrepreneurship.

5. @Freezeforshort

Hafreez Amminuddin is incredibly funny, creative and talented. Great showmanship and great short video clips. For humour, energy, colours, follow him today!

6. @Mrbriansee

Brian is a style blogger into Fashion and Cafes. Not only his Instagram is full of beautiful photos, his blog is even more interesting with more flavours. Check out his blog www.mr-briansee.blogspot.com !

7. @Akbarazman

Splash of colours and artistic vibes, Akbar Azman it is. Pollbookers love his simple yet mesmerizing pictures. Follow him on Instagram today!

8. @Tianchad

Freelance Blogger, Adventurous, Optimistic, Passion in Photography, Love Nature, Traveling, Fermentation & Technology. Tian Chad is definitely one of the most eventful guy on Instagram. Do check out his blog www.tianchad.com

9. @Alex_choong

Fit, healthy, in-shape are just some words to describe Alex. Ladies, to satisfy your visual, we think you should check Alex out.

10. @Blancochoo

Surely a good looking sum-up to the Top 10. Yes, Blanco is surely one smart and good looking Instagramer you would want to follow! Check him out!

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Posted on November 6, 2014 and filed under People, Lifestyle.