Thank you for the AMAZING Year!

2014 has been sensational for us. Our first milestone hits off with the launch of POLLBOOK, the first social polling app in Malaysia. With the countless efforts and many months of sleepless nights, we were proud that our dream has finally came true. Not to forget all the kind people who have been with us throughout this journey - our team members, our business affiliates, family and friends - POLLBOOK wouldn’t have realised without all of you! We are truly grateful for your utmost support throughout this exciting journey thus far.

POLLBOOK video shooting day!

Since we launched POLLBOOK in mid-May 2014, we have received many exciting comments and prospects about the concept of POLLBOOK. As we also recognised the need to review ourselves and to improve the app taking into consideration many valuable feedback from the users; most of our time went to enhancing the app for a better user experience. What really motivates us are the rising brand awareness and the promising growth of user base despite the minimal marketing efforts we put in within the short span of 6 months.

In September 2014, we have also launched our publishing arm, which features Top10s of hottest topics about Malaysia.  As we strongly believe in the voices of people, these Top10s results are achieved through polling on POLLBOOK.  To our surprise, we received overwhelming response from the readers and have gained more than 370,000 page views within three months after our first publishing.  Also thanks to our collaboration partner, Vulcan Post, our reader base has extended to Singapore and the United States of America.

Weekly content partnership with Vulcan Post, a site which features latest lifestyle technology news

While POLLBOOK and TallyPress are considerably young, in year 2015, we will continue to fuel growth with more exciting app features and improved app efficiency for a better user experience.  We also look forward to working alongside with various business partners to provide more contents and collaborations on Therefore, stay tuned and get ready for a more exciting POLLBOOK and TallyPress!

To all our readers, we thank you for being with us and we promise to keep up the spirit of continuously improving ourselves! We are small, we are young and we’ve lots to learn but our passion will never stop us from pursuing big on our dreams. Year 2014 has been amazing, but we do not put a period here.  With all your voices and support, we are inspired to create another impressive milestone in 2015.

Happy New Year, everyone!
Posted on December 29, 2014 and filed under TallyPress, Lifestyle.