Top 10 Henna Artists in Singapore

Image Credit: The Maharani Diaries

Image Credit: The Maharani Diaries

Henna is a form of traditional temporary dye derived from a plant, that is used to create body art or even hair dye and it is widely used until today, be it for ceremonies, or just for fun. If you have always wanted to adorn your body with some art without having to commit to it for a long time, then you can always check out one of the Top 10 Henna Artists in Singapore. 

1) Khair Henna

Both traditional and modern henna trends can be executed by the team at Khair Henna, as they always strive to achieve what the client needs and wants. You can check their availability online, to see if they can slot you in. They can provide henna services for events such as Wedding or Engagement Parties, and even other occasions. You can also order henna for your own use from them. | FB: khairhenna | IG: @khairhenna


2) Zahra Bridal Henna

2-Zahra Bridal Henna.jpg.png

As the name suggests, they are well-equipped to handle all your bridal henna needs. Beyond that, they can also provide services for Henna parties, special occasions, carnivals, workshops and corporate events. Pricing starts from $100 to $350, for both hands and legs. Note that a deposit of $30 is required for confirmation of booking. Email or call them to book yourself a slot. 

FB: ZahraBridalHenna | IG: @zahrabridalhenna


3) Fauzella Sahabdin @FauzellAArtistry

If testimonials are anything to go by, Fauzella’s customers are a happy bunch, complimenting both her talents as a henna artist, as well as the quality of the products used. She’s also well-versed in doing more modern “tattoo” like designs, in addition to the more traditional designs that one might prefer for a wedding. She also conducts bridal henna courses, for those who want to take up the craft.

IG: @fauzellaartistry


4) Nurul Farhana @ Papermarkings

Nurul Farhana often hosts giveaways on her social media pages, awarding her fans and followers with wonderful gifts. This talented artist is able to combine both traditional and modern aspects of henna designs to come up with fantastic concepts that are unique and a sight to behold. Whether you prefer simple and minimalistic designs or more intricate ones, she will be able to deliver. 

FB: PaperMarking | IG: @papermarkings


5) Dishacreationz


Dishacreationz henna will make you feel like a canvas for their art. The henna work is more than just intricate patterns or lines, but even goes as far as faces or script, making it a very unique approach to the art-form. They cater their services to all kinds of events, and reviews indicate a host of happy customers who commend the artist for her passion, talent, and dedication. 

FB: dishacreationzPage | IG: @dishacreationz


6) Pesona Belle Henna

6-Pesona Belle Henna.jpg.png

It’s henna for all occasions at Pesona Belle Henna. From Eid to weddings, Pesona Belle can conjure up lovely designs to help you feel like a queen on your special day. The henna used is their own, and they also sell henna sealant, which helps the design to set and adhere better to the skin. Ingredients are all natural too, so there’s no need to worry about any chemical usage in the products. 

FB: pesonabellehenna | IG: @pesonabelle


7) Khairunnisa Kamalludin

8-Khairunnisa Kamalludin.jpg.png

Henna artist Khairunnisa says that henna is “passion + patience”, and you will definitely see the results of both just by looking at pictures of her creations. As she’s quite in demand, be sure to check her Facebook to see when she has available slots to accommodate you. Whether you want more elaborate designs for bridal occasions, or simple ones for fun, she is able to do both equally well.

FB: hennabykhairunnisa.hennabykhairunnisa | IG: @hennabykhairunnisa


8) Nilofar @ Henna SG


Henna enthusiast Nilofar has been passionate about the art since she was very young, having grown up watching her mother apply henna for others. Since then she carved her own niche, and today she provides traditional or contemporary henna for events. These include weddings, birthdays, corporate events and even private appointments. Email her to find out more about pricing for each service. | FB: hennabynilofar | IG: @hennasg


9) Nittra Henna Definition

10-Nittra Henna Definition.jpg.png

Who says henna is just for the hands and feet? Nittra Henna has even done belly henna, to celebrate expectant mothers, and henna on the collarbone, for a twist on the usual take. From mandalas, script, to flowers and intricate patterns, Nittra Henna can design some lovely henna art wonders for you. If you’d like to do it yourself, you can also purchase henna cones from them.  

FB: NittraHennaDefinition | IG: @nittrahennadefinition


10) Qidah Fuad @ QF Creation

10-Qidah Fuad @ QF Creation.png

QF Creations has been unofficially involved in henna artistry since 2012, but it was only in 2014 that she made a leap into the business aspect of it all. Today, she handles henna services for Bridal parties and many other events. She even collaborates closely with wedding vendors in the Malay community in Singapore. QF Creations also sells henna cones, which can be procured online. | FB: qfcreation | IG: @qfcreation

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Singapore's Top 10 Talented Artists

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

Artists are an important part of any nation’s culture, as they are able to portray the goings-on of a place in the most beautiful way. Singapore is no different, with a host of talented artists who have done just that. Check out Singapore’s Top 10 Talented Artists, and get inspired! 

1) Andre Tan


With a portfolio that is extensive and reflective of his journey as an artist, Andre Tan has told many stories through his work. It is pop art, with Andre’s own aesthetic and creativity as the driving force. His work has won awards, and he’s been commissioned to produce artworks for many Singaporean causes. Check out his extensive portfolio on his website and be amazed by the vibrant and unique art pieces he has produced. | FB: andretheartistsg | IG: @andretanart


2) Foo Kwee Horng


If you appreciate artworks that evoke feelings of daily life, with an emphasis on how it is for your everyday Singaporean or Cambodian, then you’ll love Foo Kwee Horng’s watercolour paintings.  Capturing people as they go about their daily jobs and life itself, and putting that on a canvas in a splash of watercolours is his talent, and one that’s worth admiring. | FB: artfooart | IG: @artfoo


3) Simon Ng


Simon Ng is identified as a contemporary artist and figurative painter, but he actually got his start as a graphic designer. At the age of 32, he had a change of heart and began to pursue painting. Since then, he’s accomplished a great deal. His art is focused and even minimalist, at times, but the subject matter – be it an animal or human, is always stark and bold. | IG: @simon_ng66


4) Seah Kam Chuan


Illustrations and watercolour paintings feature in Seah Kam Chuan’s portfolio, and he believes it is his training in graphic design that has helped him as an artist. His subjects vary, from landscapes, still life, figures and nature. He is also an art teacher, so if you have always liked to paint you could consider learning from an award-winning artist, and hone some artistic skills of your own. | IG: @skcseah


5) Tia Kee Woon


Though Tia Kee Woon was also passionate about watercolour artworks like many other artists on this list, he eventually found a process that is less time-consuming, by using acrylic paints instead. You’ll see many familiar Singaporean sights in his paintings, all enhanced with the beauty of colour and his keen artistic eye, from national landmarks to a wet market or even a fire station. 

FB: Tia Kee Woon_Watercolor/acrylic artist | IG: @tia_kee_woon


6) Lee Rui Xiang


His work is abstract and aesthetically pleasing, as he challenges viewers to think about themes that are relevant to all humans, that of obsession with wealth and power, and various other aspects of humanity. Using lines and crosshatch, there is a certain complexity in his work, meticulous and marvellous all at once. His work has been exhibited not only in Singapore, but Hong Kong, Japan and even Macau. | IG: @r.x.lee


7) Sarah Choo Jing


Sarah’s art too will be familiar to anyone who’s ventured out and about, as it reflects life, society and cultural norms. She is a Multidisciplinary Fine Artist, and her work has also won awards internationally, where she has represented Singapore. Each piece depicts a different story, one that you’ll be swept up with just from her clever use of colours, mediums, and light and dark to create a certain mood. | IG: @sarahchoojing


8) Aiman Hakim


He paints and sculpts, hoping to represent himself and his thoughts/opinions via his art. Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality is a common theme in his work, as well as the topic of ideologies and stereotypes, resulting in a fascinating product. Besides this, he has also been commissioned to produce works for different causes, showing that he is versatile. | IG: @kittyeatdog


9) Ng Woon Lam


From scenes of life in a bustling city to portraits of the people in them, Ng Woon Lam manages to capture the essence of Singapore using only watercolours and oil paints. He is also a member of the American Watercolor Society, and has been awarded with a Medal of Honor by this association twice – in 2009 and 2014. In 2014, he was awarded with the Dolphin Fellowship by them. | IG: @ngwoonlam


10) Don Low


Don is passionate about sketching and painting, and wears many hats as freelance illustrator, storyboard artist and comic artist. He’s also a self-professed voyeur, which serves him well in his craft, as he observes the world around him. His style is versatile, and you’ll see he’s able to capture people and places in a variety of ways. Whether the image is rooted in fact or fiction, it is always spectacular. | IG: @donlowcm

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Singapore's Top 10 Wedding Cinematography Studios

Image Credit: E-Kobi

Image Credit: E-Kobi

Capturing the best and most memorable moments of a wedding now goes beyond photography, since almost everyone has a camera on hand these days. Today, cinematography and photography akin to that of a movie has become a common feature in most weddings, detailing the big day in a stylish and aesthetically pleasing way. For brides and grooms who want their memories on celluloid, here are Singapore’s Top 10 Wedding Cinematography Studios.  

1) Forever Pixels Arts


Forever Pixels Arts can be engaged for actual day and pre-wedding cinematography, and they have photographers and cinematographers with more than 13 years of experience. Although they do not provide a wardrobe, they do have industry contacts where you can rent outfits for the shoot. Prices are not available online but you can contact them for a quote. | FB: foreverpixelsarts | IG: @foreverpixelsarts | Vimeo: foreverpixelsarts

2) BeyondPictures Singapore


BeyondPictures wants to make your fairytale dreams a reality, all with the help of some movie magic, that is. They promise a dedicated crew and state of the art equipment, which all leads to a wonderful experience captured on film. They currently offer four packages, which you can see in more detail on their website. Check out some videos there too, of previous weddings they have filmed for. | FB: | IG: @beyondpicturessg | Vimeo: beyondpicturescinema


3) AlanMitchi Productions


From quirky to romantic, whatever style you prefer, AlanMitchi Productions will strive to make a reality. If the samples on their website are any indication, they are able to produce a variety of styles for wedding videos. They can also film the proposal, pre-wedding film and actual day. Contact them directly for pricing information. | FB: alanmitchi | IG: @alanmitchi | Vimeo: alanmitchi


4) Back Alley Creations


Founded by Jootz in 2011, Back Alley Creations is among a fresh breed of wedding storytellers who are proficient in both photography and cinematography. Weaving together your fond memories into a visually stunning keepsake, his approach recreates vivid projections of your special day, sparking a sense of nostalgia when revisited for years to come. | FB: backalle | IG: @backalleycreations.jootz | Vimeo: backalleycreations


5) Renatus Photography


Renatus Photography can handle both Pre-Wedding and Actual Day Cinematography, and if you’d like photographers, that can be arranged as well. Sample videos and testimonials are available for your perusal, so you know what to expect if you plan to engage their services. Look out for promotions listed on their social media as well. | FB: | IG: | Vimeo: renatus


6) Unique Colours Creative Media


This award-winning company consists of a team of artists, who pride themselves upon being creative and skilled, each with their own talent to bring to the table. They have packages for photography and cinematography, or you can also select services you prefer. They also sometimes have promotions so check out their Facebook for the latest on that. | FB: uniquecolours | IG: @unique_weddings_sg | Vimeo: Unique-Colours Creative Media


7) MisterJL Productions


MisterJL Productions is named for its director, Jia Liang. He is very passionate about weddings and wants to ensure that he helps capture your best moments on the big day. From concept weddings, to church ceremonies, solemnizations, and even overseas shoots, they have an extensive portfolio. Testimonials are also available on their website. | FB: misterJL | IG: @misterjlproductions | Vimeo: misterjl


8) SubstanceFilms


Storytelling is at the heart of Substance Film’s approach to their work but this is coupled with their professionalism, and expertise. Yang, the founder of the studio, actually has a film background, which means you will be treated to the utmost quality in terms of cinematography. Contact them directly to find out more about their pricing and packages available. | FB: TheSubstanceFilms | IG: @substancefilms | Vimeo: SubstanceFilms


9) Ideal Films


Ideal Films has worked on an entire spectrum of films for many corporations and organizations. For their wedding portfolios though, they assure a step away from cliché videos of the past, in favour of quality entertainment. Check out the many samples posted on their website, for a taste of what they have to offer. | FB: iloveidealfilms | IG: @iloveidealfilms | Vimeo: ideal


10) Alvinadeline & Co


If you are more of a minimalist, you may prefer Alvinadeline & Co’s approach to filming, which they say is as “natural and non-intrusive” as possible. They too can film the actual day as well as the “love story” itself, as a film that can be played during the ceremony. For quotes and further enquiries, call or email them directly. | FB: alvinadelineweddings | IG: @alvinadeline | Vimeo: alvinadeline

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Top 10 Pet Boarding Centres in Singapore

Image Credit:

Image Credit:

When planning a holiday, those with pets naturally will want to ensure the welfare of their beloved furbabies is considered as well. Thankfully, there are many places where you can board your pets if you’ll be away, and you can be assured that your precious pet will be cared for in your absence. Check out these Top 10 Pet Boarding Centres in Singapore. 

1) Catopia


Known as a “staycation for cats”, Catopia is perfect for your kitties. The cat-only environment ensures your pet will not have to be fearful of having dogs around, and you can even request for their favourite food brand to be provided. The litter is cleaned thrice a day, and if your cat has medical issues you can specify if medication needs to be administered and they will sort it out. Check out their website for rates. | FB: catopiasingapore | IG: @catopia.singapore


2) Pawcation


For the doggies, Pawcation is a great place to stay. Even better is the fact that you can have peace of mind, you’ll be able to view your pets via their 24-hour webcam, and know they’re in good hands. You can choose a suite or premier suite, depending on your preference for your pet. Daycare is also available, if you need a place to leave your pets just for a few hours and not overnight. | FB: thepawcation | IG: @pawcation


3) Happy Dog


Happy Dog Care Centre has two branches – in Bukit Timah as well as Balestier. In addition to daycare they also have their hotel services, which they promise is a “cage-free” experience. They too have webcams available for you to watch over your dog, no matter where you are. Contact them directly to find out more about their rates and packages. | FB:


4) WheekyCavies


We haven’t forgotten about other cute critters! WheekyCavies provides a safe pet-sitting experience for guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits. You can be assured your little furbabies will get a comfortable space, food and clean water, and you’ll also be given updates on their wellbeing. Their medical needs will also be tended to, if needed. Book a package online, via their website, where you can also see rates. | FB: wheekycavies | IG: @wheekycavies


5) Catspace


Clean, spacious and imaginative. These are three factors you can be assured of when your cat is at Catspace. There are several options here, such as the junior suite, standard suite, luxury suite and resort suite. Check out their prices and rates per suite online, and note that there is an additional 5% surcharge in November and December. Basic grooming is also available. | FB: catspacesg | IG: @catspacesg


6) Up For Paws


This doggy daycare and boarding center is proudly “loving and compassionate”, an important thing for any dog lover. To them, positive reinforcement and socialization must be encouraged always, and all of this is done within a safe environment. Their staff are trained to be “force-free” and also are canine first aid responders. You can read testimonials on their website for more reviews. | FB: upforpaws | IG: @upforpaws


7) Mutts & Mittens


Located at 11 Pasir Ris Farmway is Mutts & Mittens, a boarding place where all furry friends are welcome. There are some requirements however, to maintain a healthy standard. Pets must have a valid annual vaccination, and have no behavioural issues. Additionally, they will be treated with anti-tick and flea prevention upon check-in. | FB: Mutts & Mittens Community | IG: @muttsnmittens


8) Petopia International


Go to Seletar Hills to find this boarding place that accepts dogs, cats, rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs. They don’t care for more than 3 pets at a time, so you can be assured that your pet will receive the best attention and care. It is also a cage free and tick-free environment. While food is not provided as each pet has different requirements, dogs will be walked twice a day. 

FB: petopianworld | IG: @petopianworld


9) Juz Purrfect


Juz Purrfect offers pet sitting services, which means that your dog or cat will not have to be in an unfamiliar environment, while the team at Juz Purrfect will tend to the pet’s needs in your own home, while you are away. They are also open to caring for any kind of animal, just give them a call to see if they can work something out. | FB: juzpurrfect | IG: @juzpurrfect


10) Wanderlodge


Wanderlodge Pet Hotel and Suites is a home based pet boarding service, for dogs and cats. Pets will be in an air-conditioned, hygienic and safe environment which also has 24-hour vet support on call, if needed. Daycare and boarding is available. With soothing music, and an area close to nature, your pet will be in good hands. | FB: Wanderlodgesg

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Top 10 Bakeries in Singapore

Image Credit: Will Fly For Food

Image Credit: Will Fly For Food

The smell of freshly baked breads and pastries is unforgettable, and often a welcome comfort to those in need of a carb fix. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, check out any one of the Top 10 Bakeries in Singapore the next time you have a craving!

1) Asanoya Bakery


Salted egg croissants anyone? For the perfect match of Asian flavours in a French pastry, go to Asanoya. With origins in Japan, this bakery has come a long way since 1933, now with several outlets in Singapore. They have a great selection of savoury and sweet pastries, as well as dining options at their café. | FB: asanoyabakery


2) Nick Vina Artisan Bakery


For fresh artisan breads and pastries, head on over to Gopeng Street and visit Nick Vina Artisan Bakery. Simplicity is their forte, as they promise preservative free bread made from French flour and homemade sourdough. They also have a selection of exclusive pastries and sandwiches. They accept orders but please call them at least 5 days in advance if you need the items delivered to you. | FB: nvartisan | IG: @nickvinaartisanbakery


3) Artisan Boulangerie Co.


This bakery flourishes in the safe hands of award-winning artisan baker – Eran Mayer, who has over 20 years of experience baking in France. Thus, you’ll see a definite French influence on the menu, with a Singaporean twist to keep customers coming. Check out their extensive menu for brunches or meals. You can also engage them for catering services. | FB: artisanboulangerie | IG: @artisanboulangerie


4) Bud Of Joy Organic Bakery & Store


For those who prefer organic food, this bakery would be just the place to consider. With breads made from scratch, you can be assured that the products you buy from this bakery are free of preservatives, bread improvers, trans fats, colouring or corn syrup. You can visit their bakery at Circuit Road or even order online. | FB: budofjoy


5) Baker & Cook


Global baker Dean Brettschneider is the founder of Baker & Cook, and with more than 25 years of experience, he is known as one of the most respected bakers on the planet. Located at 77 Hillcrest Road, this bakery is stocked with jams, chutneys, cookies, cakes, granola and food, in addition to their breads, buns and pastries. | FB: Baker & Cook | IG: @bakerandcooksg


6) Maison Eric Kayser Singapore


This bakery’s story begins in Paris in 1996, where Eric Kayser opened his first bakery. He’s come a long way since then with 120 shops worldwide. Kayser hope to achieve a balance between traditional baking methods and modern concepts and ideas, giving a fresh perspective on this art form. This is why you’ll find bread from around the world at his bakeries. They have three outlets in Singapore currently. | FB: maisonkaysersgp | IG: @maisonkaysersingapore


7) Tiong Bahru Bakery


Tiong Bahru Bakery is intent on “celebrating neighbourhoods” since this is the foundation of many memories – where food is concerned. From fluffy savoury delights to greet you for breakfast to sweet treats for tea or dessert, you can be assured you will get a yummy snack to satisfy your tummy. Check out any of their three outlets, at Tangs Orchard Road, Eng Hoon Street or Raffles City Shopping Centre. 

FB: tiongbahrubakery | IG: @tiongbahrubakery


8) Chef Icon Nature Bakery


As the name suggests, this bakery also places an importance on the use of natural ingredients. Their goods are also made using the principle of “Avina Neutro” which points to their commitment to using only natural ingredients as well. They assure that their products are free from animal meat, rennet and gelatin, and that their food can be consumed by vegetarians and Muslims. Luscious cakes and decadent pastries all feature on their menu. | FB: cheficon | IG: @chef_icon


9) Choupinette Singapore


This French bistro and pastry bakery is located at Bukit Timah Road, and you can find burgers, buns and sandwiches here to keep yourselves full. We also suggest pairing up the baked goods with their selection of cheeses, as there’s nothing like the combination of bread and cheese. Their croissants are also highly recommended. Choupinette is closed on Mondays. 

FB: ChoupinetteCafe | IG: @choupinette_singapore


10) Bread & Hearth


Head on over to Keong Saik road and you’ll stumble upon the charming Bread & Hearth, where you’ll find breads and pastries baked using traditional European methods. You can get just about anything here, from croissants, viennoiseries to pies and tarts. Meals are also available, whether you want breakfast, lunch or dinner. | FB: BreadAndHearth | IG: @breadandhearth

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Singapore's Top 10 Leather Crafters

Image Credit: Female Magazine

Image Credit: Female Magazine

Leather products have the magic of bringing vintage goods back to life. If you are not a person who likes mainstream brands or trends, and would prefer to invest in products that will withstand the test of time, check out what these 10 homegrown leather crafters have for you!

1) Forest Child


Founded in 2012, Forest Child embodies the liberation of attaining stylish nirvana through leather goods crafts with love and good vibes. They aim to provide signature pieces for the fashion conscious desiring effortless style, accentuated with functionality. Products produced by this label ranges from trendy messenger bags to custom watchstraps – all made with high-quality leathers. | FB: forestchildren | IG: @forestchild_


2) Thewysden


Despite Thewysden only joined the market since June 2015, they have already gaining a huge following on Instagram. They take pride on their excellence in product quality and customer service. Specialised in making customised handcrafted leather items, they are able to satisfy their customers’ requests to best fit their basic practical needs. | FB: thewysden | IG: @thewysden


3) Kraf & Jarum


Karf & Jarum’s spirit of artisanal excellence lives on through their work. Called himself an Anak Melayu who enjoys leather craft, the founder has obviously grown his interest in leather work into a brand label. Products that they produce include wallet, coin purse, tissue cover, passport cover, document holder and many more. | IG: @krafandjarum


4) StoneForGold


Drawing its initial influences from Tribal Punk and Steampunk, which is a sub-genre of science that features futuristic inventions originating from the 19th century, StoneForGold is evolving into a lifestyle, inspired by the latest fashion, Haute couture and Native American Indian designs. The owner, XieHui, runs a one-man show since 2008 and aims to produce hand-crafted leather and silver products to the highest possible standards, utilising the best materials and exploiting tested and proven techniques. | FB: stoneforgold | IG: @stoneforgold


5) Revergoods


Revergoods showcases products where modern design meets traditional crafting methods. They use minimal finishing on their leather to preserve its natural grain, allowing the leather to breathe and age better so that time and touch can bring out the inherent patina of the leather. The catalogue is kept to fewer than 10 items, which includes wallets and card and key holders. Prices start from S$12 for a ring tag and up to S$78 for a cable roll-up organiser. | FB: | IG: @revergoods


6) Semicolon Works


At Semicolon Works, they emphasise in taking an unfinished, incomplete idea and giving it new life. The leather used in the creation of their products was obtained from unutilised leather off-cuts that often come in odd shapes and sizes. The team will then use hours of patient and meticulous crafting to produce the finished goods. | FB: semicolonworks | IG: @semicolonworks


7) Banwagon Bags


Founded in March 2012, Banwagon Bags is the brainchild of two design collaborators, Lengfei Tok and Gareth Dean Lee, who envisage a future where most consumers will not only have their focus on the products but understand the brands' philosophy, story and craftsmanship. Every piece of the leather-ware is hand-cut, hand-dyed, hand-stitched and hand-polished – a sure devotion to fine traditional craftsmanship. | FB: banwagon.bags.wares | IG: @banwagonbw


8) Obbi Good Label


Since 2008 Obbi Good Label have been crafting and supplying leather products to the consumers in Singapore as well as globally. All of their leather crafts are made by skilled leather artisans with minimum 5 years of experience. Apart from offering seasonal leather accessories like wallet, bracelet, key holders and cardholders, they also specialise in custom-made leather products.

FB: obbigoodlabel | IG: @obbigoodlabel


9) Augustine Goods


Augustine Goods’ target audience are individuals who look beyond the blind chase of mainstream brands and trends, appreciate quality and understands the need to invest in products that will withstand the test of time. Their products are designed to not only look good on the surface, but to also possess substance, to encompass its own character and quality. Each bag is individually handcrafted by craftsmen based in Singapore and possess years of industry experience. Each piece takes one week to produce. | IG: @augustine_goods


10) One+One


One+One was founded in October 2014 by Veron Lien. All designs are created personally by Veron Lien and hand-crafted with care and precision, using traditional techniques and carefully selected materials of the highest quality. Every piece is unique. The materials used are chosen for their quality, sustainability and ability to withstand use. | FB: | IG: @1plus1sg

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Singapore's Top 10 Handmade Bag Specialists

Image Credit: Hiptipico

Image Credit: Hiptipico

While some look forward to the day when they’ll be able to invest in designer bag often seen on the arms of celebrities – there are also many handmade bag specialists that are homegrown, who are just as talented and creative. Check out Singapore’s Top 10 Handmade Bag Specialists. 



From clutches and totes to drawstring bags, HIDERSCo has an array of bags to suit any taste or gender preference. Using material from all over the world, you can feel safe knowing your items – large or small, will fit snugly into one of their bags and be kept safe from the elements. The funky prints are an added bonus, with pretty patterns to brighten your day. | IG:


2) Beary Naise Co.


This local brand was founded by Zoe Lim and Tian Wen, and their products are sustainably made with the aid of SAHMs or stay at home moms. Products here are exclusive and made in small quantities so as to ensure quality is maintained. You can get anything from adorable pouches for your lipstick to crossbody bags. | FB: BearyNaise | IG: @bearynaise


3) Carrotpepper


You can opt to have the bags here inspired by anything from Japanese culture to your favourite childhood fairytales. Custom orders are all the rage and Carrotpepper understands – giving you the opportunity to create something suitable for you. Look out also for flash sales and their appearances at markets and pop-up stores, to see if you can get yourself something neat for a better price. 

FB: carrotpepper | IG: @carrotpepper


4) Velia Creations


Velia Creations bags have a vintage tinge to them, with pretty patterns reminiscent of the styles carried by generations before us. Whether you want a coin purse or everyday tote, or something fancier like a wristlet or clutch, they have it here. Check out their macaron purses, shaped exactly like the sweet confection. | FB: Veliacreations




Their name comes from the Swedish term for Utopia, and they strive to create perfection in their handmade works. What’s more, you can also opt to have your items specially monogrammed for added sophistication and personalization. There are even items for the guys, such as the fold-over tote bag. They even have bags that are hand-painted, giving off a glamourous vibe. | IG: @u.topi


6) CherGis Handmade


They’ve got bags for just about any need you’ll have here – even for your EZ Link card or phone. Yes even your accessories can be dressed up to be stylish these days. Check their website to see when they’re taking custom orders, as they do have their schedules packed sometimes. Also, be on the lookout for online sales so you can get some lovely bags as gifts for your loved ones. | FB: CherGisHandmade | IG: @chergis_handmade


7) Roxanne's Paperie


Roxanne is the artistic soul behind this brand, and this self-professed “dreamer girl” is all for quirky designs coupled with sassy words, giving you a unique statement to make. The retro influence is strong, but the witty words help make it fashion forward rather than overly kitschy. You can get drawstring bags, tote bags and zip cases from here. | FB: roxannepaperie | IG: @roxandpaper


8) AmeVi Design


AmeVi Design reflects the talents of a mother-daughter team who specialize in designing handmade jewellery and fabric bags. Their fabric bags include tissue pouches, tote bags, cosmetic cases, and others. Customization services are also available, and you can request for this via the online form on their website. You may also browse through their online fabric catalogue to select one that is perfect for you. | FB: AmeViDesigns | IG: @amevidesigns


9) Gsews


Grace, the young founder of Gsews, is called The Happy Maker, and to her, this endeavour is to help her better herself whilst pursuing her passion. All products you order from Grace are made-to-order and with love. You can choose from totes, slings, backpacks, the ever popular bucket bag style and others. Choose your interior fabrics, hardware, exterior fabric, and even add-ons, if you like. | FB: Gsews | IG: @gsews


10) Littleoddforest


As the name suggests, there is an inclination towards more earthy and sustainable pursuits. That’s why they are firmly for niche collections and safe working environments. You’ll even find reminders to support the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on their website. If you are a lover of vintage inspired styles and materials, and quirky patterns, you’ll love Littleoddforest. There is something here for anyone, from little kids to kids at heart. | FB: littleoddforest | IG: @littleoddforest

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Singapore's Top 10 Music Schools

Image Credit: Aureus Academy

Image Credit: Aureus Academy

Learning how to play a musical instrument or how to sing is more than just a hobby, and can actually prove beneficial in many ways, such as building cognitive abilities and encouraging creativity, particularly in younger learners. With that being said, Singapore has many music schools that are well equipped to teach and guide anyone who wishes to improve their musicality – no matter their age. Check out these Singapore’s Top 10 Music Schools.  

1) Juzmusic


Juzmusic offers several different programs, and these are: Instrumental Lessons, Early Childhood Programmes, Pop Music Programme and Programs for Institutions. The teachings of Dr. Shin’ichi Suzuki are held to a high regard here. Besides this, they are also accredited by ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal School of Music). You can also purchase instruments from them. They currently have three branches. | FB: Juzmusic

2) Aureus Academy


Aureus Academy wants to make sure that learning music is a fun experience for the little ones and adults alike. Whether you want to sing your heart out, or pick up an instrument, their teachers can guide you through it. You can opt for individual or group lessons here, and they currently have five centres throughout the island. | FB: AureusAcademy | IG: @aureusacademy


3) Edvox Music School


Since 2002, Edvox Music School has offered theoretical and practical insights to music, with the support of qualified instructors. Lessons are offered for violin, piano, cello, flute, guitar, saxophone and clarinet. There is also a program called Funtime Doreme, engineered for those aged between 3 ½ to 5 years old, to introduce them to music education in a fun way. There are currently 5 Edvox branches located all over Singapore. | FB: EdvoxMusicSchool


4) Intune Music


If you feel like your calling in life is to pursue music, then Intune Music would be a great place to hone your talent. They work in collaboration with recording studios and artiste management companies in the music industry, giving students the opportunity to showcase their talents or find employment in the industry. Courses are taught for vocals, song composition, and instruments. There are also classes for children. Their school is located within Pomo Mall. | FB: IntuneMusicSchool IG: @intunemusicsg


5) Lee Wei Song School of Music


20 years of experience makes Lee Wei Song School of Music a known name in music education within Singapore. Their secret to success is happiness – a feeling they want to encourage for all who attend their lessons. Classes include Pop Vocal Signatures, Specialised Classes and Masterclasses focusing on pop keyboard, songwriting, artiste grooming, exam prep, and private workshops, as well as their StaR’us Children Program – to introduce kids to music. They are located at the Pico Creative Centre. | FB: lwssom | IG: @lwssom


6) Madison Academy of Music


Located within Tanglin Shopping Centre is Madison Academy of Music, which is identified as a “premier boutique music school”.  They acknowledge the various learning styles of each individual and customize lessons as such. Courses are divided by department, and there are many options available. An interesting course is their Musical Theatre unit, for budding Broadway stars. A roster of teachers are available at Madison, to provide students with expert advice and guidance. | FB: MadisonAcademySg | IG: @madisonacademysg


7) Mandeville Conservatory of Music


Mandeville’s mission goes beyond merely providing music education – they’re also concerned with having their students appreciate the arts and providing an avenue for people to explore their musical talents. Moreover, social responsibility is also a cause championed by them, as students are encouraged to participate in community service to share their gift with others. Check out the array of courses offered by visiting them at either of their two outlets. | FB: mandevilleconservatory


8) Replugged Music School


In keeping with the YouTube generation, you’ll find many videos from Replugged, showcasing the talents of their students. It is a testament to their teaching for sure, and they’ve also been in the business for over a decade. Located on Victoria Street, Replugged’s teachers are also artistes themselves, who want to share their talents with fellow aspiring musicians. Lessons are available for piano, guitar, ukulele, violin and vocals. | FB: repluggedmusic | IG: @repluggedmusic


9) Ossia Music School


Ossia is a pioneer where music education is concerned – they’ve been around since 1983! They pledge to offer affordable music lessons to anyone who is interested, regardless of age or experience. Their teachers (they have more than 100 of them) are experienced and qualified. Lessons offered are for piano, violin, guitar, electronic keyboard, organ and music theory. They have eight branches currently, and you can find out more about the locations via their website. | FB: OssiaMusicSch | IG: @ossiamusicschoolsg


10) Tanglewood Music School


As long as you’ve got passion for music, you will feel right at home at Tanglewood Music School. Their instructors hail from Europe and Singapore and can teach beyond a diploma level. Classes include aural training, vocals, music appreciation and music theory. Piano, cello, and guitar lessons are also offered. They also have music tours, which give students the opportunity to showcase their talents internationally on these trips. Visit them at the Sime Darby Centre on 896 Dunearn Road. | FB: tanglewoodmusic

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Singapore's Top 10 Boutique Hotels

Image Credit: Vagabond Hotel Facebook

Image Credit: Vagabond Hotel Facebook

Small yet stylish, boutique hotels are perfect for guests who want their accommodation to be top notch, unique and contemporary. In Singapore, there are many of this category popping up all over the island, catering to the tastes of modern jet-setters. Here are Singapore’s Top 10 Boutique Hotels, for when you need a stay that has the right amount of personality.  

1) BIG Hotel Singapore


Cool is the name of the game with BIG Hotel. Even their website gives off stylish vibes, letting you pick a room based on your personality. For under S$200 you can get yourself a fairly comfortable room here, well stocked with the necessities required, a comfortable bed and a soothing rain shower. They are located at 200 Middle Road, and you can get there easily via MRT, bus or taxi. | FB: bighotelsingapore | IG: @bighotelsingapore


2) Hotel 1929


If you’re a fan of stays that evoke feelings of days gone by, then 1929 should be on your list. Located in Singapore’s Chinatown, this spot is a historical place in its own right. The rooms feature a perfect blend of vintage charm, coupled with new-age features to satisfy the needs of today’s generation. An exquisite dining option is available in the form of Restaurant Ember, which has gourmet style meals to delight the tastebuds. | FB: hotel1929 | IG: @hotel1929


3) Lloyd's Inn


This minimalist paradise is a soothing escape from the concrete jungle, inviting you towards a very natural landscape, where greenery surrounds the hotel and keeps you feeling right at home. Conveniently located near many shops and restaurants, you’ll never be bored with the choices around, and you can safely explore them on foot too. Complimentary breakfast vouchers are given to guests to enjoy a delicious meal at the nearby Killiney Kopitiam or Freshly Baked. | FB: lloydsinn | IG: @lloydsinn


4) Hotel Re!


Everyone loves a good throwback moment these days, and Hotel Re! is ready to take you back to the simpler times of the swinging 60s and 70s. If psychedelic colours are up your alley, you will love this hotel. There are seven different colour themes to choose from here on each floor. Location-wise, its conveniently situated near to Singapore’s tourist attractions and entertainment stops, like Clark Quay and Orchard Road. They also have an in-house restaurant and lounge, so you don’t need to venture out for meals. | FB: HotelRe | IG: @hotelre


5) New Majestic Hotel


Known as Singapore’s first design hotel, this Chinatown-based accommodation is another stay that is brimming with cultural richness and artistic flair. Enjoy award-winning Cantonese style meals at their restaurant, and check out their promotions to get the best possible rate for your stay. There are six room options here, each fantastic in its own way. | FB: newmajestichotel | IG: @newmajestichotel


6) Studio M Hotel


This award-winning hotel is the brainchild of Millenium & Copthorne Hotels. Their rooms are styled in a duplex fashion, and there are four types of “lofts” to choose from, based on your requirements. Amenities include a pool and bar, among the usual facilities you’d find in a hotel of this calibre. They’re also extremely child-friendly, complete with a Children’s Concierge, to give your little ones something to look forward to during your stay. | FB: studiomhotel | IG: @studiomhotel


7) Naumi Hotels


Naumi Hotels has two stays in Singapore – one on Seah Street, and another on Keong Saik Road. Equipped with a restaurant, bar, fitness centre, and infinity pool, you’ll have everything you need at Naumi. Their stylish interior is commended for its modern vibes, and artistic nuances that give the hotel a classiness like no other. | FB: NaumiHotels | IG: @naumihotels


8) Vagabond Hotel


Another one for the art aficionados to enjoy is Vagabond Hotel. This hotel is inspired by “all things in excess”, a philosophy touted by its French designer Jacques Garcia. Yes, here your senses will be delighted indeed, from the sights of art throughout the hotel to the artists who stop over for performances, screenings, or artisanal food showings. And if that’s not enough to satiate you, take a walk outside to enjoy the nearby historical sights, like Little India and Kampong Glam. | FB: hotelvagabond | IG: @hotelvagabond


9) The Club


Peaceful slumber, delectable dishes, and quirky cocktails. You can find it all at The Club. Classified as an “affordable luxury boutique hotel”, this Ann Siang Road landmark is not to be missed. With two bars and two eating outlets, you will be spoilt for choice here. Check out their promotions online to get good rates for your stay. | FB: theclubsingapore | IG: @theclubsingapore


10) The Scarlet Singapore


If you want to be near the city centre, and a stone’s throw from entertainment and F&B options, then you can consider The Scarlet, located in Chinatown. Add to this the charming quirkiness of the hotel itself, bathed in a luscious sea of red throughout, with 80 rooms, including 5 exclusive themed suites. A restaurant and rooftop bar are also available at the hotel. | FB: TheScarletHotels | IG: @thescarlet_sg

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Singapore's Top 10 Pet-Friendly Cafés

Image Credit: Happenstance Cafe

Image Credit: Happenstance Cafe

Furkids are part of the family too, which is why there are a lot more public places that are beginning to accommodate those with pets. If you want to bring your beloved pet out to a café where they can mingle with their own species, check out Singapore’s Top 10 Pet-Friendly Cafes. 

1) Ah B Café


Spacious, welcoming and certainly a haven for pets and their two-legged companions. That about sums up Ah B Café, which is located at Sunny Heights, in Bukit Timah. While you kick back and relax with delectable snacks and beverages, your furkids can enjoy their own fun – a dip in the pool, freshly baked biscuits, or a grooming session. They are open every day except Mondays. 

FB: AhBCafe | IG: @ahbcafe


2) Happenstance Café


Happenstance was created with animal needs in mind, there’s a huge space for them to trot about here, and even a pasta menu especially for them! Humans, fret not, there’s plenty of food for you as well, but it’s not everyday pets get a special menu for themselves. They’re open every day, and you can find them at 35 Opal Crescent. 

FB: HappenstanceCafe | IG: @happenstance_cafe


3) Sun Ray Café


Have you ever wondered if you should get a cake for your dog’s birthday? Well, wonder no more! At Sun Ray Café, that’s doable! You can get a meat or food based cake to order in two sizes – 250 or 500 grams. They also have a pet-friendly menu, and the food for animals is made without seasoning. People-friendly food includes fresh baked goods from their bakery, and they are also known for their special coffee brews. They also have a variety of meals to satisfy any palette. | FB: SunRayCafeSG | IG: @sun_ray_cafe


4) Paw Pet-Radise Café


Whether you’re a pet owner or not, you are welcome to visit the Café. They’re located at Balestier Road Monville Mansion, and the café is open daily, save for Tuesdays. The great thing about this establishment is that they open till 1am on Fridays and Saturdays, perfect for night owls. Meals are available for pets and their people, and parties can even be organised for your pets. Bento style meals are favoured here. 

FB: PawPet-RadiseCafe | IG: @pawpetradise


5) Paws N Pans


Paws N Pans is located on Joo Chiat Road, and they too have a menu that is pet and human-friendly. From waffles for two-legged patrons and hormone free chicken meals for four-legged customers, you can be assured of a good and healthy time at this café. They also work with local Animal Welfare Groups to hold adoption drives, as well as create awareness on responsible pet ownership. | FB: PawsNPans | IG: @pawsnpans


6) Canopy Garden Dining